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  1. I have Power Mac G3 beige minitower which I think is a perfect bridge Mac between the old classics and the modern world. It still has SCSI but can also be equipped with USB and Firewire ports. It can read and write HFS and HFS+ with Mac OS 9 and up. After some years in storage I needed mine again. Unfortunately it would not start up. The power supply would run but no "bong" and the mobo would not come up. Bummer. I went through all the checks and things like putting in a fresh battery, reseating the RAM, ROM, voltage regulator, disconnecting all PCI cards, doing (CUDA) resets, ...
  2. I acquired a "Power Macintosh 700" (i.e. a Quadra 700 with Apple's Apple Power Mac Upgrade Card) last week: I always wanted a Quadra 700 in good condition. So the PPC card is a welcome addition.
  3. Up until recently Asante offered the old drivers and manuals for download. Seems to be gone. I think 5.6.1 is the latest version of Asante EtherTalk.
  4. I have no specific experience with this combination but I cannot see why this should not work. The HD20SC - without the HDD - is just a case with a power supply and an SCSI connection. Do not mix up the HD20 with the HD20SC. The former is a special kind of HDD with am Apple floppy connector. The HD20SC is normal SCSI HDD. The SE/30 can use all kinds of SCSI drives, e.g. also SCSI Zip drives. So: should work.
  5. I asked the seller: he did not change the caps on the analog board (but on the main board) and did not manipulate the crt magnets or yoke.
  6. Yes, he wrote that he could not regulate the height of the picture with the pot. That is one thing. I'm more worried about the uneven distortion. Maybe it is the deflector magnets? P.S. How did you find the ad?
  7. Hi, I purchased an SE/30 which runs fine but the monitor picture is vertically compressed (more on the left side, less on the right side). It stays the same even when the SE/30 warms up. Is this a problem on the analog board or at the monitor yoke? Any hints are much appreciated. Best, bobo68
  8. Yes, these are the chips plus the muxes UA8 - UD8. Numbering scheme is correct. You need to check all connections systematically. When I did it I built a little spreadsheet with the expected connections (chip & pin <-> chip & pin) and then checked all of them.
  9. I'd check all connections of the ASC based on SE/30 schematics. What kind of bomb / message do you get? I would assume that there is something wrong with the bus address lines incl. chips select etc. of the ASC. HTH, bobo68
  10. Nope, in this case the three mentioned jumpers disable: http://keycorner.org/pub/text/doc/dsas3xxx.pdf If it works I would not change anything.
  11. Is there a pcmcia card installed with the UPS program? Anyway, you should be able to circumvent the UPS package from starting by booting with extension off. See http://www.pda-soft.de/faq/frames_newton-faq-nos.html#IIIB2c Best, Boris
  12. You do not need one of the very rare SCSI-Ethernet adapters. There are PDS slot cards available like the Asante MacCon+ 30i.
  13. Just search the interwebs. Don't know if this is the card you have: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/OSX//G3CARDS/XLR8_MAChCarrier450/ The software to configure the card is described here, although it should boot into standard settings without software: http://lowendmac.com/misc/05/0606.html Best, bobo68
  14. I'm not really sure what you want to achieve. But you probably need a bridge Mac that can transfer files between the 400k floppies of the Mac 512k and the "modern" world (1.44 floppy, network, zip drive, usb stick, ...). New external floppy drives cannot read the 400k/800k GCR floppy format of the classic Macs.
  15. The getting started cards that came with the OMP were ROM cards: http://www.forcedperfect.net/gear/software/newtongettingstartedcard/ They have no battery.
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