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  1. I meant so I could check those specific caps... This is typically why I don't ask these questions.
  2. [You already told me to change the caps on this CC... it already hasn't worked, sadly. / Do you know off-hand which cap(s) might do it?]
  3. Well, and I don't want to burden you for your kindness in responding, but in theory if either hot plugging or unplugging the board could blow out the SCSI, what would it blow out?
  4. The other night I opened the hood when I was testing the card, and I noticed 2 things. The first time I tested, I got a screen I've never seen that looks like the pre-boot screen (RAM test?/ROM something...?). It basically froze that way; and anomalously, I only got that once... Always got the CP/M error after that. Then I noticed that each time just before it says "CP/M CARD NOT PRESENT" or whatever, the red light on the card momentarily turns green. Maybe it just doesn't work in the IIgs. To that effect, though, I sort of wish I had a spare Z80 chip but I think the Kaypro is my last
  5. [Thanks! I think our definitions of taking one's word for it may differ, though, because that's precisely what I was looking for. I still don't think that's what did the SCSI in on mine, though.]
  6. Yes. http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/color_classic.pdf I feel fairly confident you won't find anything obvious to your problem.
  7. Never give a mouse a cookie... I still don't understand why, other than for the reason I originally gave. CelGen offered an explanation in PM that I'd suggested he put here because I don't understand these explanations. But that explanation was essentially an analogy to pulling RAM from a system that's on. I understand why pulling the board is not a good idea. I can't find a way to extend that logic to putting power to a board.
  8. Byrd: why? Uniserver: it will do something; it will accomplish the goal of turning it on. the question is whether that hot plugging can damage the board? (so far i have not seen evidence that it can; the ADB issue is interesting though, and was actually the genesis of my question.)
  9. I found the suggestion to turn the machine on with logic board removed, then hot plug the board to turn it on - not bc of a missing keyboard, just if it failed to soft boot normally. I can't find the original suggestion (this was months ago). My board has a SCSI problem. I think (/am pretty confident) it's trace rot from caps. But I am curious if there are thoughts on the safety of this hot booting method. I didn't think about it at the time, but in theory so long as it's stable, you aren't unplugging, you're just applying power. I don't think it'd spike, though it might decrease slig
  10. Actually I rescind my idea. I think hot booting, if successful, is always indicative of dirty contacts. Pull the logic board, get some rubbing alcohol, clean the contacts, blow through the back of the machine to try to get any dust out of the contacts inside the machine. Then reinsert it and try again. Um, if you mean that the logic board was loose plugged in, then yes you do need to take it apart at some point and see if something has slipped loose or is cracked.
  11. Okay, sorry I was on my phone. My suggestion would be to pull the motherboard out (leave it in the slot, just disconnect the end-connector by pulling it out slightly). Turn it on; you'll hear that fan sound. Slide the motherboard in pretty quickly (don't break it but you cannot do this slowly). If it powers up that way it's a much less serious problem.
  12. Someone explain to him how to 'jump start' machine
  13. I actually plugged my M0131 into my IIGS after reading that page a few months ago. It didn't power on, and it may have already been dead (or it may still be fine). That page just gave me the impression use of the 131 on Apple II was an eject button issue. If not, then we should note that.
  14. Resistors are a problem on SE/30 A/Bs, potentially for screen jitters, but we don't have a color comparison. I also haven't tried replacing the resistors on my /30 AB yet. I haven't had time to open my CC again, but when you get a chance, any thoughts on which resistors looked problematic? I guess if I do AB work I'll try the solder joints first.
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