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  1. So nothing will happen in 2037 or 2048?
  2. Elfen, my question is this about Y2K that I never understood: How could the clock resetting from 1999 to 1900 set off missiles? And how did everyone feel when they woke up on January 1, 2000? I know there is some Y2K-esque thing that is supposed to happen in 2037 or 2038 with modern computers. How will that affect us then? Please keep in mind that at the time of Y2K (New Years 2000), I was only six months old.
  3. I thought 140 too, but the video's resolution is so low that I can't really tell.
  4. https://youtu.be/nxpo9wObm20?t=16m7s My favorite Apple promotional video.
  5. Well, I'm actually trying to figure it out via video. The quality of the video is low (dubbed from VHS) and I can't really make out the badge or any major features, except that the speaker grill is short. I'll get a screen grab tomorrow.
  6. How can you tell a PowerBook 140 from the PowerBook 170s/etc. by looking at it (excluding the badge.) Did they use different cases? So far I've been telling 140s apart from 170s by looking at the speaker grill, until I learned that they used the same short speaker grill.
  7. Wow, that's a lot of compact Macs! Where in Ireland do you live?
  8. Yes, unity. But then again, most people on eBay and Craigslist who don't know a whole lot about Macintoshes are very quick to call something a prototype/developer unit.
  9. Love how they think it's a developer/prototype unit, then state this (which proves it isn't a prototype): Plus, it's a 512k - not as special as the 128k, which isn't even that special unless it is the Twiggy Mac or an early production unit, or a prototype.
  10. Have you checked for a corroded battery? Perhaps capacitors? Personally I'd narrow it down those two issues first...
  11. The Apple ][ should be able to display color, or at least that is what I thought. (That was why they made the Apple "colorful.")
  12. Oh, okay. That is good that the cooler radio is working! As for the HP iMac G3, I'm sorry - I just didn't understand what it said on the top. I can't read the language printed on it (French?) Not related- but do you live in France?
  13. And also, there is the Mac OS watch that people will pay $3,000 for. I actually prefer the lava lamp clock and the wall clock. And why does the iMac G3 desk thing(y) have the HP logo on it? How did I just find this thread? It looks like it has been going for a while.
  14. Sadly, it doesn't look the cooler radio would work. It looks like the speaker is too ate up. The clear IIsi looks so nice! I wonder sometimes why Apple didn't market a clear model before the iMac G3s, which then were only translucent.
  15. eMacs aren't that rare. But nonetheless nice find!
  16. But it still portrays the message pretty well...
  17. Does the screen really have some brown stuff on it or is that just my eyes. Also, does the Apple rainbow have a white spot or was that just a glare?
  18. https://youtu.be/kmZ0g53G4CA Click here for video on YouTube.
  19. We still have two of the smaller posters hanging on the walls of our school - one above a water fountain and the other between a CA and the classroom where I take Español. Both are in very good condition, which is nice. I'm not sure if they're original or re-prints.
  20. Here is one you can add to your survey: http://youtu.be/nC2kt1GxZF8
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