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  1. I found the pickup rollars new in service package. 970_1011 They look brand new, but they are sticky to the touch. I wonder if you could coat them to stop them from deteriorating.
  2. I have a service manual for LaserWriter/Plus. It from 1989, and it is about one inch thick of 81/2 by ll sheets.
  3. when apple changed fans they also changed the board on the back of the crt from horizontal to a vertical design
  4. I have a se fdhd mother board I can send you. Just pay the postage. It's a new old stock in a sealed static bag. 661-0536 part number.
  5. I have the Apple service manual for the imagewiter //. Its in paper form. If you want it I can send it to you. It is too many pages to scan.
  6. Free Apple adjusable keyboard user"s guide.
  7. here are drop box links to super mac video card information. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g15fxi38mfkd9uq/AADNF3yCPoiwpLibhkY9RkaPa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h0vhwrbpq9sev91/AABeUKCBtQKA8kugu5SHePeDa?dl=0
  8. here is a scsi ribbon cable with two connections on one end .
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