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  1. No problem, it's always nice to see other people collecting these. I'll try to update this post this week. Also made a quite strange find last Saturday.
  2. They also have fans and heatsinks. LCS is hidden behind the G5 cover. LCS-models should also have a warning label on the bottom plate inside.
  3. Needless to say that I'd strongly recommend to check the (first) 2.7 for leaks. I don't know if this should be considered just as the recapping of older Macs; it's possible that all the LCS (at least the dual core models) start to leak at some point, so it would maybe be a good idea to overhaul it before it starts to leak. Waiting until the "PSU-boom" may take less effort, but the best is to preserve one more watercooled G5. Unfortunately this common problem was and will be the death reason for a considerable amount of these Macs.
  4. Hi and congratulations for your haul! The dual 2.7 should be an early 2005. You should have a look at this: http://www.cwu.edu/~pruittj/powermac_g5.pdf There are also pdf manuals for the other G5 generations on the net. I've not looked yet, maybe this model has diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard which could help with finding the solution. Also found this, maybe helpful: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2620983?tstart=0 About the third unit, this is most likely a dual 2.5 or another dual 2.7, thus watercooled and prone to leaking. I have myself a dual 2.5 which has some white stuf
  5. Wow! That's the kind of find I'd love to make! Great!
  6. Cats are a bad thing sometimes... I was very "pleased" when I saw that one of my 4 cats chewed on some original vintage Apple cables...
  7. Hi! The "battery pack" I had to make with 3 1.5V batteries apparently started to leak (at least it is completely corroded at the connections)! No idea why! Good thing I put it in a small plastic bag, no damage. I just made another one. The total voltage should be 4.5 of course, but I get 4.8V (maybe a bit less). Sorry for the very basic question, but is this ok? Most probably yes, but I don't want to do anything bad. Thanks Nicolas
  8. Yeah I understand that sometimes it's maybe not so easy to make the difference...
  9. Great! I really need to make mine live again.
  10. Congratulations! Great finds so far!
  11. I know the struggle. I once started making printed spec lists for every of them... Now I take pics (System and sticker on the case) and put them in folders, one folder for each Mac.
  12. Not hard. Here are the colours. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_G3#/media/File%3AIMac_G3_flavors.jpg The first ones, Rev. A and B (233) are only Bondi! No others! Bondi is darker than the later Blueberry! Then came Rev. C 266 and D 333 in the 5 colours. Bondi had disappeared. These 5 colours were kept for the first SL as 350 (only Blueberry) and 400 (all the 5; Blueberry, Lime, Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry). The DV SE 400 special edition was the first and only Graphite back then. Graphite is not really a colour, it's dark and very translucide at the same time. Can't really mix it
  13. They have the usual 3.6v batteries. I personnally never saw a leaked one. Maybe because they're not that old yet? I changed the PRAM battery 3 times in TL. Needs more disassembly (the board/drives carrier needs to be removed) but I prefer it. And over 10 times in SL. The first time I did it, I removed the bottom cover. I must admit, especially it it was never opened before, I don't like doing this. I'm quite paranoiac about breaking old plastics.... The 2 latches at the front can break. Not tragic as the screws are enough to assemble it tightly, but well.... Over 10 times I changed the PRAM th
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