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  1. I just bought a brand new sealed Belkin F5D7011 for under $10 on eBay and it works perfectly with my Pismo and Tiger--no drivers necessary. I can connect to my WPA2 network without issue.
  2. For now, since I already had a serial cable, I'm just using ZMODEM in Zterm to transfer files. Its pretty slow, but OK for the small sizes of most of the files I am working with. Once I get ethernet setup, I will likely use that instead. Thanks for the offers! I found an AAUI adapter for fairly cheap, and I'm happy at the moment with the 8MB upgrade that I got (for 12MB total) and the 25 MHz 68LC040 that it originally came with.
  3. I just won a PowerBook 520c off eBay for $9.50 sold as-is (with shipping it was about $24 in total). The 520c is my second 68k PowerBook; I already have a Duo 230, but since I don't have a place to setup my DuoDock, it is pretty hard to use. I figured it wasn't much of a risk if it didn't work, and from the photos in the description, it looked really clean. It came in today, and it fired right up! It is in almost perfect condition (thankfully, it was packed really well)--I don't think it was used much by the original owner (It still had 7.1.1 on it, and there weren't many documents and files o
  4. Do you know where I can find Lind battery utility? That one seems harder to find. With the Intelligent Battery tool, I was able to get it to recognize the battery and charge (which took a few hours to get to 100%), but it only ran for about 5 minutes. Would the Lind tool/freezing it help? Or is it a lost cause?
  5. Update: I actually found it! It is on the Internet Archive, along with the rest of Apple's former FTP site. I'll post a link here in case anyone in the future is looking for it like I was. https://ia600501.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/8/items/download.info.apple.com.2012.11/download.info.apple.com.2012.11.zip&file=&ext=
  6. I just picked up a PowerBook 520c, and it works great--except it doesn't recognize the battery. Before I try replacing/refurbishing it, I have heard that there is some Intelligent Battery reconditioning software for this computer, but I can't find it online anywhere. Does anyone have a copy of it, or a link to it, or a good alternative I can use? Thanks.
  7. I was browsing shopgoodwill.com and came across this lot that looked like mostly junk: But out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that looked grabbed my attention: A MessagePad 120! I won the lot for $26--I have no idea if the Newton works, but I figured it was worth the risk. I already have a MessagePad 2000, but I don't have the battery tray or a stylus for it, so it isn't great as a PDA. This 120 comes with some documentation, and it looks like the stylus is in its holder which is great. It also comes with a battery charger dock, so I am hoping that it has a
  8. I'm absolutely not an expert, so if this is bad advice someone please call me out on it. But you could try scrubbing the board with distilled water? Supermarkets sell it for cheap.
  9. Wow, the key lime looks nice
  10. Someone posted in my town Google group that they had a "blue iMac laptop" that they were going to throw away unless anyone wanted it. When I saw the message, I immediately responded that I did. It ended up being a 366 MHz indigo, and although it was a little bit dirty, it cleaned up to near mint condition! The Apple logo has the leaf, and the CD drive still has the cover. I also got the original yoyo charger, which works, as well as a really cool bag that looks like an indigo G3 (its really dirty though, so I'll have to work on cleaning it up). I wiped it and put a fresh install of 9.2.1 and T
  11. I found this article with CAD files to 3d-print a AA battery tray for the MessagePad 2000. I was wondering if anyone had successfully tried this, as I don't have any battery for my Newton and I'd like to be able to use it as a PDA. 3D printing the piece would be much easier than trying to find a real one, and if it works, I don't care too much about the aesthetics (though I'd probably paint it to make it look somewhat believable...)
  12. I got this back at the beginning of 2015, but I thought I'd share it here now. I bought a 99 cent 400 MHz PowerBook G4 off eBay that was billed as not working. The pictures weren't very good, but it looked like the hinges weren't cracked, so I bought it hoping that the issue was a dead pram battery. When it arrived, I plugged it in and tried to start it, and as the description said, nothing happened. Before I ripped it apart to unplug the pram battery, I thought to try a power cord I knew was working. And it fired right up! Even better, the case was in reall
  13. I would stay away from Chinese knock-offs completely--they are not worth the risk to you, your computer, or the rest of your property, even if they claim to be UL-certified or equivalent. The UL certification is easy to fake, and knockoff companies often have no qualms about faking it. Counterfeit chargers often don't have proper filtering, and can damage your computer. They also often have unsafe tolerances between low and high voltage lines, increasing the possibility of a short. This article has a teardown of a knockoff iPad charger and compares it to the legit one,
  14. I figured it out. Installing Lubuntu screwed with the OS 9 disk driver, and I had to update it using Disk Setup on the install disk. Thanks for the help though.
  15. I have a Titanium PowerBook G4 that won't boot into Mac OS 9. Classic works fine, but I can't actually boot into it. When I choose the OS 9 system folder in the Startup Disks preference pane in Tiger and reboot, I get the folder with the question mark. To get back to Tiger, I have to use the Startup disk utility on the Tiger install disk. I installed OS 9 from the disk that came to the computer, but it has been upgraded to 9.2.2. I'm suspecting this may be related to my recent installation of Lubuntu PowerPC. If anyone can give suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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