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  1. My latest thrift find: a PowerBook 5300 for $30! This is the base model with the greyscale screen, and 16mb RAM. It is in phenomenal condition--I don't think it was ever really used! The HDD had almost nothing on it, just a Scrabble game and a Solitaire game. But the most incredible thing is the original battery holds a charge. I ran it for 2 and a half hours on battery last night! And it died when it said it was at 50%, so its possible there's a little retention going on there, so I'm going to run Battery Amnesia and see what happens there. I know the 5300 has somewhat of a reputa
  2. I know, right? The fact that it works right now meant they weren't just being dumb with a laptop that was beyond repair, but were sabotaging a laptop that was working perfectly! I've ordered a trackpad/top case so hopefully once I stick that in it'll work fine, just without a battery.
  3. IT LIVES!!! A new cable going to the DC-in board and a new HDD and it fired right up. I'm curious still what that missing component does, since the computer seems to be OK without it. Possibly its for the charging circuitry, I've ordered a thing to hook up the battery so we'll see. Now I've just gotta find a new trackpad and we'll be in business.
  4. Depending on what else I find, I might try and see if a new DC-in board saves it. The cut wires are for the connection to the battery and for the connection to the DC-in board. Batteries are already mostly dead these days so no battery wouldn't be the end of the world, and I could wait and try and find a replacement trackpad if I can just get it to boot. Does anyone know how many parts, if any, this one shares with the non high-res 1.67 GHz 17 inch powerbook? Can I use the trackpad from that one since it's also a scrolling trackpad? Is the DC-in board compatible since its also USB2?
  5. Found on craigslist this G4 DLSD for a very excellent price without the power cable, thinking I could try and fix it even if it didn't work, but this poor machine has seen some hidden abuse that I don't understand. For some reason all these cables inside it are mangled and cut, it looks like someone took apart the machine with a wirecutter. I don't understand why someone would do this? Tomorrow I'll try and disassemble it all the way to see what's salvageable--worst case I think there's enough OK there to get back what I paid for it if I part it out, but I've wanted a DLSD for year
  6. First off my apologies, I know my iBook thread is right below this one. I figured I've been having some good luck thrifting recently so I should make a dedicated thread so I'm not spamming new threads going forward. But today I picked up this awesome 15 inch PowerBook G4 with a 1.25 GHz G4 at a local thrift store. It ended up cleaning up really nicely (its now the nicest G4 AlBook I own), and to my surprise the battery still holds a charge (seems to get like an hour to 1.5 hours of battery life) so I'm happy with it. I've stuck 2 gigs of RAM in it and its quite a nice little machin
  7. Yep it's the beta. It's pretty useless (no GPU acceleration and no Airport drivers) but I had to give it a try. I definitely wish they'd finished it and released it though!
  8. Picked up another iBook G4 at another thrift store! This one is a 14 inch 1.42 GHz G4. Weirdly enough, I think the screen back was swapped with a G3 one--its transparent instead of solid white, and the bezel doesn't exactly snap in properly. Here it is, along with my 12 inch G4 running Snow Leopard for good measure.
  9. The problem ended up being quite simple--I had a stick of PC2100 RAM in it when the 1.42 GHz iBook needs a PC2700 stick. Its weird that it manifested in the way it did (I would have expected it to not boot or not recognize it ever), but now that I have the correct stick in it it recognizes the full 1.5 GB on cold boots as well as on reboots.
  10. Ok it actually gets a little weirder. I realized I don't even need to unplug it to make it re-recognize the RAM stick. It is enough to just shut the computer down and start it back up again and I'm back at 1.5 gigabytes. Its just restarting that causes the problem to happen.
  11. I've recently picked up a 14 inch mid-2005 iBook G4 (1.42 GHz) that has a bit of an unusual problem. I've got a 1 gigabyte RAM stick installed in it, and when I boot up the computer it recognizes it perfectly. However, if I reboot it it goes back to only recognizing the soldered 512 MB on the motherboard. If I shut down the computer and unplug it (the battery is shot), it recognizes the RAM again after I plug it back in and start it up. When it doesn't recognize the RAM, it still boots, but it only uses 512 megabytes. Has anyone seen this problem? Its completely new to me. This pro
  12. Nope, not negotiable unfortunately. It disappeared eventually so I'm assuming they gave in and dropped the price. I don't have space for desktops like that so I probably wouldn't have bought it even if it was reasonable but it was still sad to see it sit there for so long.
  13. For the scuffs, they came off with some household cleaner (Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day for what its worth) and a lot of elbow grease. I just spray a little on a paper towel so it doesn't get the computer too wet and scrub from there. The sticker came off with some Goo-Gone (that stuff is magic if you've never used it. And the magic eraser is actually a good idea--I have a beat up 2007 MacBook 3, 1 with a discolored palmrest that I'll probably try it on first but that would be the last piece of my iBook puzzle. This one is the same way, I really have no understanding of how the
  14. This iBook G4 is the 2004 model with the 1.2 GHz G4. It has 1.25 GB of RAM, and a 30 gigabyte hard drive. I put a fresh install on Tiger on it and its a great little machine! As I'm sure you can see, it was really gross when I first got it, but it cleaned up really nicely. The keyboard is a little discolored, and there is also some discoloration on the palmrest but it looks better in person than it does in these photos. I already have a 2005 12 inch PowerBook G4, so I didn't really need this machine, but at $12 (it was 25% off day at my local Value Village) I couldn't say no. I've
  15. I just bought a brand new sealed Belkin F5D7011 for under $10 on eBay and it works perfectly with my Pismo and Tiger--no drivers necessary. I can connect to my WPA2 network without issue.
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