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  1. I have a 9600. After some investigation, I read that 7.6 isn’t compatible with a bunch of PowerMacs including the 9600, but 7.6.1 is. Not sure why. So it got me thinking about the earliest OS a 9600 can run, 7.5. From what I’ve seen, people have said 7.6.1 is better for PowerMacs compared to 7.5. Would you agree with that, or do you think 7.5 would be good enough?
  2. I looked through the history of Apple keyboards and from what I can tell, the only reason they put those numlock, scroll lock etc keys on there is for compatibility with other operating systems. I wonder if Mac OS 8 and below are even programmed to utilize them, seeing as I can’t even get them to turn on.
  3. Yeah, I think that’s the only difference. But now I wonder about why it’s even an option. Maybe back then some printers were cropping text a bit or something.
  4. Don’t want to hijack the thread but I have a question. In the page setup on my Mac, there is an option for Letter and Small Letter. I also noticed that it defaults to Small Letter. What’s this about?
  5. I figured out Macs don’t really work like that just now. Funny, I only needed a weird symbol just now, first time in years. I’m looking for a down arrow and up arrow. I found them, but for some reason Appleworks won’t type it. Simple text does though.
  6. I just realized that when I try to turn on the scroll lock and numlock keys on my Apple extended ii keyboard that the little green lights won’t light up. I was trying to turn on numlock so I could type some symbols using the alt/opt key and the numeric keypad on the right. Not working. What gives?
  7. Here’s what I think the problem is as far as the cartridge not being recognized. The 3 pieces on the left - the metal piece, the white plastic thing and the bigger spring seem to press against a piece of metal on the cartridge. The smaller spring on the right fell out randomly and I’m not sure where it goes, but I suspect it has to do with the cartridge detection. It fits inside the white thing but I’m not sure exactly how it’s supposed to be assembled. When I take a screwdriver and press into the hole the white thing goes in, the cartridge is recognized. The service manual isn’t p
  8. Now it’s giving me an ‘install cartridge’ message after putting it back together. I wonder if that spring has something to do with it...
  9. I took it apart and I cleaned the solenoids and wrapped 2 layers of electrical tape on them. I think this may fix it. There is one problem however: a spring fell off of this part and I’m not sure where it was placed. I’m hoping that a service manual is available and it’ll show where it goes. Gonna fire it up in a bit and test. All it’ll need is a new network card then.
  10. I’ll see about baking it and reviving it, but only after I diagnose and get the paper jam problem sorted. Right now it’s happening only inside the top part of the printer underneath the cartridge. Printing a single page is fine, but when it duplexes it has to go underneath that long metal plate that you can lift up. That’s where it gets stuck every time.
  11. I can almost get the thing working, sans the network card. Seems to be jamming mostly in the cartridge area. I’m gonna tinker with this one until the other one is here.
  12. Yep, it was a business that inherited many printers at once and they had a duplicate. I contacted them and they said that I can just keep this one for parts and that they’ll send me the other one. Problem is though that I hope the other one I working fine. I asked that they test it beforehand, so we’ll see. I’m not certain that any lights are coming on on the network card since it’s housed in a metal case. I looked on the inside through the holes in the housing and I don’t see any lights on, and I also pulled it out and reseated it but it’s not showing up. I don’t want
  13. Looks like the seller pulled a switcheroo, after I noticed that the one I got was different from what was described. Returning it.
  14. I’ve got a 2300dn right in front of me now, but... lots of issues. Paper jams and duplexing doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll get to that later. The main thing I’m concerned about is that in the I/O configuration area there is no setting showing up for networking. I’ve got the Ethernet cable plugged in but it’s acting as if there is no networking card in it.
  15. Alright so the 2300dn definitely works with 8.6. I’m gonna use it over a network though so not sure that even matters. As far as I know there is a ppd file for it which works with the LaserWriter 8 driver. I’ve always disabled all printing extensions on my systems so now I wonder which of them I’ll need to enable. I’ll be printing over a network, if that helps.
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