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  1. Another thing that may help is washing the board. A recap still needs to be done, but if you wash the board, and things get better, you at least know you need to recap. This worked on a Classic I had once.
  2. and if you looked at what I wrote after that i said i realize its irrational! You got a problem with me come out and say it instead of hiding behind snark and sarcasm.
  3. Umm... I don't know what planet you live on, but driving a nice car doesn't magically plant the knowledge in my head that I need to solve this issue.
  4. whats your beef with me gorgonops? I appreciate the help but then you go off and insult me at the end again. You seem to have a real problem with me. And FYI a Toyota Avalon costs way more than 19k
  5. Do any of the old powerbooks still have functional batteries or a source of new ones? I would have guessed that by now anybody using one of these was doing so solely on AC Power.
  6. Received my G4 today from SlateBlue. The case is immaculate. I couldn't be happier. I played around with Rhapsody on it for a while then I put in a 2nd HD and put OS 9 on it. I then put in my flashed Radeon 9000 Pro. I did the flashing last night using an old P4 motherboard I had laying around. Literally just the motherboard, a USB floppy drive, power supply and the video card. no case. no hard drive. I made a DOS boot disk with the correct ROM file on it and the ATI FLASH utility. booted from the dos disk, and a simple "atiflash -p 0 ati.rom -f" and the card was flashed. Tried it o
  7. Juror22, you have a PM. Like I said, the quadras are mine. I have already made sure of that. I was considering buying one of the Apple CD 300 Drives for the quadra 950.
  8. wow. im starting to feel a little bit bad. yes it would be sad to see any apple get tossed in the trash. Im still buying what i want for myself, but, if there are any left over at the end, i'll buy them for a dollar and offer them up here. I'll see if my boss wants to go with me, he has a nice big van. However, the quadras and se/30 are mine. is there any interest in the IIGS's? Im not out to make a profit, so if you are anywhere near northwest indiana and want to do a pickup ill have a receit from the auction you can just pay me what I paid. If shipping must be involved, we will have
  9. just turn on sounds in OS 9 LOL Also in the beginning when angela is chatting online the computer reads the text of the chat. Also she can order a pizza online--- in 1994?
  10. Sorry, Im not doing any of this for resale. Im grabbing the quadras, the LC all in ones, the SE/30 and a few IIGS Machines. My wife is already giving in ALOT. Once the auction happens and I decide what im doing with the machines (they may or may not need a re-cap), I may consider sales but for now this is for me.
  11. I have an Epson WF4640 All in one printer. I'd like to be able to print over the network to it. It is a network printer. I'd really like to be able to print from it using my eMac running OS 9
  12. also, why would you take a logic board out of a 14 or 15 inch 575 and put it in a 9 inch color classic? Doesn't make much sense to me. Id rather have the bigger monitor.
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