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  1. Well I've just bought a Quadra 950 that turns on for a second and then each second it drops power and fans spin down, next second up, then down. Poor PSU must be suffering in there so I killed power quickly and started searching online. And here we are! Reading your journey from the first post to the last is a lot of fun - progress has been made for sure. I am new to this project so am a little lost on where to start. I like "step 1" but can figure most things out. Of course I've over in Australia so postage on anything is going to hurt. The way this project looks now is :
  2. Subject: Power Macintosh 7300 stops working after tantalum recap Hi Everyone I decided to replace the electrolytic caps on my favourite Power Macintosh 7300 computer and unfortunately it hasn’t turned on since! I’m writing for help on what to check or do, as I exhausted all checks that I can think of. The problem is power supply fan spins up, power LED on but nothing else - no video output, no chime or sad Mac sounds etc. I did make a mistake that has never happened before but was due to the multi platform nature of this logic board - I added
  3. Please note there is a critical typo in the first post. The capacitor values are 22uf 35v, NOT 25v. Thank you Jeremy from Australia.
  4. Hi Everyone I have picked my fourth Colour Classic today. The CRT needs replacing as I think the blue gun / colour has completely dropped out. I have previously converted an Apple //c monitor to LCD by using only the shell and adding in video controllers etc. The video controller accepts VGA input so I was wondering as the 9" screen will fit in the CC shell, can I solder in a VGA cable to the mainboard? I'm assuming along the gold connector there is RGBHV or RGB Csync?
  5. Hi everyone A recent project has been servicing my Apple 12" Macintosh RGB monitor M1296 made by Mitsubishi. I have two of them in mint condition, both known to have minimal use. I turn them on every 3 months or so and keep a diary simply 'Working great! 01/01/2018". Well I went to test one and found vertical fold over symptom and quickly turned it off. Top down inspection looked fine so I started to dismantle the main and neck boards. This requires desoldering ground cables, the design is not user friendly at all. The further I got to the bare boards the mor
  6. Really? I thought I had it for OS X, it's in a time machine backup somewhere
  7. I was wondering how this situation would be managed. Glad you bit the bullet
  8. Hi! 68KMLA forum members never cease to amaze - thank you for the instruction, consideration and time in replying. I no longer have to worry what disk images will show up on the Floppy Emu as I can prepare them beforehand should they be a DC6 format. Looks like it's time to learn Basilisk as well. My aplogies for not replying sooner. I'll reply here with how I go as I've had more files that dont show up outside of the non-standard 'The Treehouse' software as found on Macintosh Garden.
  9. Hi everyone It seems my $230 device can't read standard DiskCopy 6 files. It simply ignores any disk images even with the file extension .img The ever fast in replying Steve from BMOW suggets compatibility is only raw (.dsk) and disk copy 4.2 (.img) files, and if I'd like to use DiskCopy 6 that they need to converted before use. How can I do this? I've hit a road block The Floppy Emu isn't a mass storage device so I cant open the .img files on say a Mac SE on SSW 7.1 and manually open each image file and save them as the old disk copy format. Please help!
  10. I too am interested in this. The CF solution is great and I wonder if better performance would come of MSATA drives. Both my PB1400's have CF IDE solutions now
  11. captaineos


    Gill! I'm excited becuase I too love these technical books. Very hard to find in Australia now. We should compare titles
  12. Thank you so very much for documenting your stand and detailing your observatios. It sure matches the portrait display beautifully.
  13. 3 Photos showing before and after and case should display below but can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/7NyGF The latest addition to my personal Macintosh collection is the Colour Classic. The only description the younger seller gave was it didn’t turn on. Not being one to gamble I was about to pull the pin on heading over to buy it, but a CC sure is tempting. It was in dusty condition with minimal case damage (a few light scratches), near platinum grey plastics. I could see the dust, but I could also see a LC PDS ethernet card was installed and it came with keyboard and mouse. Deal!
  14. Hey everyone thanks for the kind replies. Here is a video I made just for james https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rdXE2djWn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rdXE2djWn4 How to safely fit in a Macintosh SE board with an accelerator card
  15. Hi Everyone I've been meaning to post photos of this excellent 68020 accelerator card for the Macintosh SE line. A researcher of physical sciences used this machine as a daily driver, later retiring it for a Quadra 800. When I received the machine, it was running a very old version of the Novy extension which wasn't running correctly. A huge effort was made to track down the latest version of the Novy utility for better System 7 compatibility. I succeed and found the installation easy. The performance boost in general use is noticable, for example scrolling windows is smoother.
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