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  1. On a trip to new Mexico this weekend I also visited el Paso to say hello to a guy that literally had a container full of vintage mac stuff about two years ago. I scored back then great he literally just wanted the stuff gone but I could only fit so much in my corolla lol . Any way I was on the neighborhood and asked him if he still had stuff left , he did so I went scavenging again , couldn't get everything buy scored a ton of vintage mac books which I like collecting. Also an almost new boxed mac clone, a crescendo g3 card L2 type , and a Tech step diagnosing tool which was the most interesti
  2. You are probably referring to the micron xceed card
  3. Ya that's what I'm afraid of I'll have to poke it with a continuity meter to see if it's gonna be a big hassle. The real question here is, are there schematics floating around somewhere outthere for this board ?
  4. It looks like it might be worth a shot to redo the components, only a few of the pads were totally burned most still had copper after scraping at the pads. I have an LCII i can borrow all ICs from except for U29 (mc68hc70531dw). For the experts, is this one i can get from another common board? cant seem to find a similar chip in all the boards at my disposal. See the naked gore of an exploded battery....
  5. Ya but the enclosure is in good shape and even with the keyboard/mouse I guess selling those off I could at least break even. Those ebay prices for these things are all over the place. I'm still glad I got it, just wished I would have payed less for it lol Edit: I guess you meant the $400 prize tag. I wouldn't risk it either , way over my budget even for a mactv
  6. Well i cleaned it as well as possible and unsoldered the battery cover to clean the corrosion (see pic), might be salvageable but don't have the time for it now since it will require several IC replacements and figuring out broken traces if any. I would have preferred to stay with the original board but will try the 575 to see if at least the thing boots up. Many thanks for the advice given.
  7. I have a couple of 575s, but will this require a major mod or just plug and play? I'm cleaning the board with acetone and swabs but I can already see several ICs will need to be replaced and several burned pads bypassed if this thing is ever going to be revived, not sure the effort is worth it.
  8. Sad news unfortunately once I got a chance to open it up, worst nightmare an exploded battery. Any compatible logic boards outhere ? that can be substitued other than another mactv board since those aren't found very often unfortunately.
  9. Finally found one, been on the lookout for quite a while but Austin's Craigslist finally came through. Guy said it was not workin but looked good cosmetically, it has original software, original black keyboard, and black mouse! Only thing missing was the remote control but he told me he would let me know if he finds it later. I have not opened her up so hopefully no exploded batteries, still for $60 I think it was worth it. Today was a good day got my Mac collection I'll post some pics once I get her home.
  10. Thanks for that technight, I just got me a cheap oscilloscope this weekend (birthday present from wife ) now looking forward to tackling this board some more. Even got me a cheap USB based logic analyzer! But that's still in its way. I'll update this thread if anything new develops!
  11. I did a good check with magnifying glass and even traced a good chunk of connections using schematics found at this forum but everything checked out. So I see why everyone says cold solder joints and traces are rarely a problem. I have two working 512ks somewhere in my pile. When I get some free time il have to try and use one of them as a donor board. Teknight, I can't think of anyone else more qualified to get to the bottom of this. But I'm curious what your troubleshooting process is. Do you get a jig extension and power the board up while probing every chip for expected logic output? I
  12. Found an old article from byte magazine that lists a logic diagram, perhaps it can be of some use here
  13. I'll have to see if an SE or a SE/30 donor board will have compatible chips ( i have two of those from leaked battery units), id hate to pull them from my working plus
  14. This post reminds me of a 128K upgraded to 512k I got a while ago. After a good cleanup dusting and reflowing cold joints in analog board it got a similar screen. I actually always heard a very loud and clear bong with the screen flashing but vertical lines. Almost as if it was a flashing disk normally seen at boot up but with the vertical bars. I figured it was a memory problem so I replaced all the IC's with 4164 RAM and returned the mac to its original configuration without the 512k upgrade. Did not change a thing, still same screen. I spent all saturday replacing the ram,and I just gave up
  15. Hmm that might as well be it, the only laptops I've used have been post 2000 so that could be. My initial taught was that since this laptop is so old perhaps the screen is meant to work like this . I ended up with a stack of 20 powerbooks on one of my conquests and have been ignoring repairs on them until memorials weekend. I been using my phone to light me up under the car hood and has gotten the camera lens so scratched my pics wouldn't be clear. Been holding on getting a new one since Verizon we screw me out of my unlimited data plan. iPhone 4 is feeling old haha.
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