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  1. Hello @Byrd and everyone else here. I finally received the Intel 486DX4 75Mhz. I made some (obvious?) discoveries I think valuable for other newbies in the same condition I am here. I used NORTON Sysinfo as Benchmarker in DOS since 1992. Not the best, nor the most ... anything special I know. But historical data are relevant for what follows. The standard Houdini I (486SX25Mhz) returns an oscillating 34,4p ± 0.1. The new Installed DX475Mhz returns .... Exactly the same score! (34,4 ±0.1). The intuition the came: mount some ram on the HOUDINI: the two Mac slot are comp
  2. Hi Byrd -and everybody here!-, thank you for let me join this kind ground of retro-enthusiasts (I am a passionate Italian owner of a maxed out SE/30, 128 Mb RAM, 24 bit RasterOPS 264 PDS card, Apple RGB Color Monitor, SCSI2SD 5.5. Recently I got also a Quadra 610 with a DOS Compatible Card, 20 Mb RAM shared with the PC, no VRAM, no SCSI2SD, 486SX25Mhz). I am not sure it is an Houdini I or II model. Definitely it is a PDS card, since the Quadra has a 68040 inside. However it works quite well. I managed to solder -quite an awful job to look at , but it works!- a cable using yo
  3. Hi FalconFour, same exact story here: I got a Q610+486SX card from Germany on eBay. The price was ok, but when I got the box... the cable was missing. Apparently something strange happens to these cables... I don't know. BTW your post is truly a life saver: just got everything needed to build the cable. Just one more question: My card has a 486SX 25Mhz, socketed. Is it possible to switch it with some pin compatible 486 DX (I'd need an FPU). Thank you very much for the splendid post with components, pinout and personal experience. Grazie! ciao Ernes
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