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  1. Yeah, there are 3 broken legs on the CPU unfortunately. But there still are smaller pieces of the legs sticking out of the chip so it should be possible to solder them back. Also one of the legs is an NC pin. I've cleaned the egret chip even more and it looks right so there still is a good chance it will work again :-).
  2. Wow, what a long message, thanks for all the information! I'd definitely love to repair this thing as I still think it is actually possible. Haven't found any damaged traces so far. I put the HDD into my precious Classic II and to my surprise it still works like a charm but I haven't found anything interesting on it yet. I'm not planning to sell it but I'll notify you when I decide to. I'd like to try the full restoration method so the high quality photos would be a great help! If the repair won't be successful, I'll try to get some board off ebay - there're few for sale ri
  3. So I've just received the unit and started cleaning the board. However, there're some missing components and lots of bad capacitors, I'd be glad if you helped me identifying them - maybe one of your boards is similar to mine. I really hope those brown rusty spots aren't damaged traces…
  4. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I didn't ask the seller any questions since they obviously didn't know the LC they were selling was special. The board will definitely need a recap and I'm worried there might be some damaged traces and pads. The Y1 clock crystal is missing completely and there's capacitor and battery gunk all over the board. I'll have to get a donor board most likely. I've actually found a very similar board on Ebay but the seller is from the US so shipping to EU would be a problem. I don't know the serial number but on the low quality photo I can see SG038 somethin
  5. The machine's missing a model label and the rom chips look like there's APPLE CONFIDENTIAL REX (V8) written on them. The logic board is in a very bad condition but repair may be possible. Do you guys think this could be a prototype LC? Thanks!
  6. Hello, any ideas where can I get one? I'm from Europe.
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