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  1. Great detailed post of your work. Thank you and congrats.
  2. Thank you once again. Using RawWrite (on Windows 7 although it is not officially supported) I was able to create diskettes readable by System 7.1 on the Quadra. I was also able to create 1.44MB images from 800K images by mounting them in Basiliky II and using DiskCopy there to create a new 1.44MB image which I was then able to write to the physical diskette using RawWrite. I do, however, get frequent error messaged when trying to copy the files over to the hard drive. I have run a disk check using 1st Aid and the diskette returns no errors. So now I am running the check on the h
  3. Thank you very much for the replies, guys. Setting the memory addressing to 32bit has fixed the available RAM. Also, thanks for the tip on how to boot without extensions. I gave the file transfer another go but still no success. I am completely baffled as to why all available disk images are 1.41 MiB and can't be copied onto a formatted disk which only has 1.38 MiB available space. I've tried searching for a way to "burn" the entire image onto the disk, since I'm sure a disk image is larger than the size of the files contained within. But naught. Any tips on how to get the w
  4. Hi from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I recently picked up a couple of vintage Macs along with some peripherals: A Classic II, a Quarda 605. I had an LC back in college in the early nineties, and I wanted to re-experience the feeling once again. Both computers were advertised as "not working", but having done some research beforehand, and by the seller's description, I figured the faults were likely capacitor and battery failures. The Apple Color Plus Display would only power-on momentarily and then shutoff, so, rather than spend time recapping a monitor I was uncertain
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