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  1. I've been able to verify that the PALs are bad in the card I have by exchanging the PALs from a known-working card. The card works with known-good PALs. The problem is, the good PALs are read-protected! The bad PALs aren't, but when I dumped them and burned new PALs based off those dumps, they didn't work. So I really need dumps of a known, working 342-0415-A and 342-0416-A PAL to fix this card. Can anyone help? Multiple clones of this card have been made, good dumps of these devices have to be floating around somewhere.
  2. I have one that's doing the same thing in a IIGS. I know it's the card. The ROM is fine. Dumps of the Rev. C ROM are easy to get but I can't find dumps of the PALs anywhere. I suspect GAL versions of them exist somewhere too. I need to be able to check if the PALs are OK. Does anyone have dumps of the PALs? They are said to be unprotected.
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