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  1. I recently had a Classic II that was constantly rebooting, very similar to what you’re describing. The problem was on the logic board, the 68030 chip had a bent pin shorting to a neighboring pin. I must have bent it when recapping.
  2. Thanks for this suggestion. I swapped out the 79L12 and am still having the lack of -12v issue. I put the old 79L12 in a different machine and that machine is giving me -12v. So problem must be somewhere else. I’m stumped. Hoping someone else here has seen this issue before.
  3. What I've done: Classic II Analog and logic boards are both fully recapped, work triple+ checked. Replaced the original CNY17G-3 with a CNY17-3, the TDA4605 with TDA4605-3, replaced the DP 3 and 4 diodes and the IRFBC40 on the analog board. Reflowed 99% of joints on the back of the analog board. The machine now boots, will load OS from scsi2sd, passes logic board diagnostic tests. I have solid and stable +12v and +5v on respective pins, but on pin 5 of the drive port it’s measuring positive 0.80v instead of -12v. I've tried two known working logic boards (the one in video is
  4. I need a new fuse for the Classic II 0525 analog board and trying to narrow choices down on Digi-Key. I have 3.15A/250V, cartridge glass. Is the fuse fast blow, medium blow or slow blow? Also, what should breaking capacity @ rated voltage be (20A, 35A, 100A, 150A)? Finally, is 5mm x 20mm correct size? Thanks!
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