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  1. I got a really good deal on a graphite m6411, but I need to find a replacement charger. I can't seem to find the model number of the charger it shipped with, and I don't want to damage anything. What should I be looking for? And is there an aftermarket compatible charger I can buy?
  2. The seller said it was tested and working, but cleaning it is a good idea. I just did some more searching and found the guide on here.
  3. Hi everyone! I recently bought a replacement floppy drive for my SE/30. When I try booting from a floppy disk, the drive is very noisy but definitely reading something. Instead of booting, however, I get the floppy disk with an “X” on it before it immediately tries rereading the disk. Am I missing something? I’ve tried the drive in my SE FDHD also, but I’m getting the same result. I really hope this isn’t a stupid question, I haven’t actually used this computer regularly since I was in elementary school and I had a hard drive to boot from.
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