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  1. Fixed! I dumped the 4 ROMs and with a friend, I discovered that the 4 roms were swapped (U23 was wisplaced in U25).... The previous owner must have to swap or someone for him!!! That was incredible!
  2. Yeah i've desoldered U4 too. There is some troubleshooting manual to check signals, etc...? I really would like to make as many test as possible.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion! Today i removed 15 ICs, please check photos in the link. I cleaned the area of these ICs: U20, U21, U13, U14, U17, U18, U6, U7, U4, U4, U3, U2, U1, U15, U12 and U10 https://imgur.com/a/Vg4lJhH and seems like there is a bit of life: https://imgur.com/a/eqczefH In this video i pressed reset after a bit and there are like "moving dots" on screen!
  4. Yes i have hot air station and I've desolder other SMD ICs. Could I check if is shorted in some way before desoldering? I can't find any pinout
  5. Ok, so only capacitors on top part of the board. I checked the RAM continuity and all seems good. Could be something relate to analog board ?
  6. Yes I tried that! Tried that too! The board is cleaned, i think there is nothing under RAMs. edit1: I didn't recapped the caps on the bottom side of the board... there are some tantalium cap and others squared, please check the photos!
  7. There are some tests I could make to be 100% sure? I really would like to fix this!
  8. Hi guys, last days i got for free a Macintosh Classic II that need restoration and fixing. I uploaded some pictures on imgur and as you can see the issue is the classic vertical bars. I read online that for similar issue need recapping. I cleaned the board with distilled water and some soap and let it dry, then i cleaned again with lot of IPA 99% and I recapped with THT capacitors (I didn't have the smd ones cap at time). Some pads lifted off because i didn't use immediately the hot air station, but I recovered as you can see in pictures. After many cleaning and many tests the issue remains. I
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