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  1. That makes perfect sense. Any ideas of what's the name of the HDI-30 connector ? I can't find it on DK. Maybe it has another name ?
  2. What do you mean by good enough ? What are the downsides of cheap adapters apart from hot unplugging ? I see your point. Do you know if any of the good connectors you suggest are still on production ? Very good idea ! Thanks a lot for your support ! Yes I guess a little cleaning was needed, thanks !
  3. I did not even notice So I guess designing a cheap (< $10) HD30 to DB25 could be a good idea
  4. I did not know about that, nice ! I wonder if designing one would be worth it ? Pros : - fast to design - cheaper (especially because the one you suggest does not cheap to EU) If I can't find one to buy on ebay I'll do this little project I think
  5. You mean Powerbook 190 right ? I just bought a powerbook 150 so I should be able to test and design an adapter for this connector
  6. Congrats on all the work done ! I'm really impressed ! Good luck for the future of this project
  7. Sorry I'm not sure to understand what you mean ?
  8. Juste received the PCB from China, next step is soldering and testing !
  9. I just received today my digikey order, and I should receive my jlcpcb in the evening. So in the nest 10 days I should be able to let you know what is the status of the project and if I need a new revision of the board before getting to to the final version. I'l let you know soon !
  10. Did you have a look here : https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?cm_sp=SearchF-_-topnav-_-Results&ds=20&kn=Macintosh Family Hardware Reference&sts=t ?
  11. The only other solution I see would be to design the board for internal use, and get power form the molex connector. But that would mean that people will have to mount the board inside tue Mac, and as you already chose a case I guess that’s a no go. Btw it’s really interesting what you found about currents. I need to be careful with my board, and make I don’t blow the fuse....
  12. You’re completely right. But I assume these are the official specs and that most usb wall chargers that are able to deliver 1A and more will deliver it without negotiations. (Maybe I’m mistaking ?)
  13. You could manage to get power from USB, so you could easily remove the jack I also added a double DB25 port to be able to daisy chain the board, I used this one : https://www.digikey.fr/product-detail/fr/adam-tech/DPD-25-00-B3/2057-DPD-25-00-B3-ND/9833611 You can have a look at 68net repo for the footprint if you want Maybe you could also add mounting holes ?
  14. Also why did you choose not to make the ground plane fill the whole board ?
  15. Oh ok my bad, if you're using an external antenna that should be find But why not use the onboard ceramic ?
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