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  1. I have MacOS 7.5.5 installed, I found the Open Transport on the Performa after I did the install. The problem is how to download it on the computer? Is the ethernet running on the computer?
  2. I found that I ended up having two problems with the Mac se/30, one was all the simms were different. When I ordered and got a set of simms that had the same speed that fixed one problem. The other problem was a bad boot disk that had a error one it but was not showing expect to stop booting. I had bought the rommnater from messofwires that has os7.1 on it and after I replaced the simms it would boot.
  3. I picked up a Mac Performa 630cd that was being thrown away and it works great. Anyway I bought a Farallon Apple Macintosh ETHERMAC LC PDS ETHERNET 10BaseT Card P/N 8960712-00-04 card and installed it. I get the green light on the card with a Ethernet cable installed and installed the drivers from the disk supplied but after that I am lost. Anyone have an idea how to get this working? Another question I have since I have no browser for it, how to I go about getting a browser installed since even if I get on the internet I have no idea how I could download anything without a browser?
  4. I cleaned it up with vinegar and a brush, I am going to try the swapping of the ram since I do have both bans filled with ram. I heard the Rom-inator acts up if the ram is mixed with different speeds.
  5. I am working on a Mac se/30 currently and I installed a Mac Rom-inator in the unit. On start up the Rom-inator screen comes up and then a you can choose R for rom disk or A for ram disk. Pressing the R it goes to a black screen and sites there. The hard drive is trash, soit has been removed from the equation. I put the original rom back in and tried to boot the computer from a boot disk and it boot to the happy face and then goes to a error id = 01. Any ideas what I am looking at? I am inclined to think maybe the ram is messed up. The caps were leaking I replaced them and cleaned up the cap me
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