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  1. Classic + MacSD build Updated

    Restoring a Classic with retrobrite, logic and analog board recap, custom air intake and discreet MacSD upgrade.
    The face and cover of the Classic were brightened with 40V peroxide solution and sunlight.
    A custom, 3D-printed air box mounts a larger Noctua Redux 80mm fan.  Fan RPM is reduced by a string of four 1N4007 diodes.
    For easy SD card access without removing the Mac's cover, a slot extender is mounted to the analog board, near the picture controls.  The first step is cutting an H pattern in the sheet metal with a rotary tool.
    I bent the tabs inward and soldered the SD card extender to them.  The switch above the card slot is mounted through an existing hole.  It connects to the "BL" jumper on the MacSD.  In order to update firmware, the switch is held while powering on the Mac.  Below the card slot is an RGB LED, also passed through an existing hole, which indicates SCSI activity on green, errors on red and fragmentation on blue.
    Kapton tape keeps the SD extension cable in place.


    A new slot is cut into the case for card access.

    The cover hides any visible evidence of modification.

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