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  1. No problem. I will also mirror anything I am missing from your archive. I'm just glad someone can make use of it. Good luck with your install.
  2. Thanks @nickpunt Good luck with it and let us know how you make out.
  3. I am not sure where I found all of these files as I got them some time ago but one of these archived disks should work. You can find the software/drivers on my site here: http://vintagecomputer.ca/files/MicroTouch/ Good luck.
  4. That was the first thing I tried. That link is likely on an intranet as it doesn't work publicly. You can configure an IP address via the front panel. Here's a picture of what comes up when you point a browser to it
  5. I think it might be anything with an ARM processor but I am not sure. It has a built-in webserver and it comes up named as an "Astris Debug module" with configuration screen for an "Astris: Remote Jtag Probe" with additional configuration screens for front and back serial ports. I need to hook something up to see what it can do.
  6. Got it. It's an Astris prototype tool. Searching for "Astris" brings some interesting functionality just for a cable but there is no info about this particular box and the URL on the PCB must be internal only.
  7. Yes, it does have USB and I think I can make out a date of 2000 on the short board plugged into the front.. Looks to have Ethernet, USB and 9-pin serial? The short board also has pins for RX TX and GND. I cannot make out the name on the board but it's something like SW0... V0.3 and it is copyright Apple. So it is made by Apple.
  8. I am guessing this is some form of testing tool. Anyone have any idea what it might be? It's stuck in shipping so who knows if/when I'll get it. It's an Apple Development Team "black box" The person I got it from had no idea what it was either so no clues there.
  9. @OldMacGuy I recently restored my Lisa 1 with dual Twiggy drives just this past weekend. You can see a quick demonstration and hear the variable speed Fileware diskettes in it below. Stepleton helped me out with my Lisa and would be a great help but if you need someone a little closer, I am in Canada at least. I'd be happy to back up the Fileware diskette in BLU. I could also take a look at the drive, if you wish and try it on a Lisa, if it's compatible. I would suspect it is but I'd have to take a closer look at the top/bottom boards. I don't know how to add a Yo
  10. The reputation of Twiggy drives wasn't good to begin with. I figured I'd just go with whatever someone had already tried and thought was okay. He noted that even other 3m DS/HD diskettes with different product numbers didn't work well. It's a picky drive given it's non-standard requirements.
  11. It was recommended by James MacPhail to use DS/HD 3M diskettes and the particular brand/product noted below. In addition to this "bad" floppy, I also have "Lisa Office System 1" and "Lisa Office System 2" diskettes recreated by using BLU on my good Twiggy drive. I used those diskettes to install Lisa Office System on my X/Profile. James wrote via this LisaList post, "The one that had the highest success rate for me is 3M brand with UPC 51111 12883. It is a grey box with gold stripes labelled "DS,HD" "Formatted IBM"; 10 in a box. (There are other 3M DS,HD floppies in a very simil
  12. @10001001sos The hand-cut edges are fine and it does hold up as a working replica. I am restoring a Lisa 1 and you can see it working here with one of these hand-made disks even though the particular disk I am using for testing has a bad track somewhere in the middle of the disk (because of the amount of times I have formatted and tried different things on it). My other Twiggy drive needs an IC (on order) so the Lisa 1 should be fully working soon. http://vintagecomputer.ca/goodtwiggysounds/
  13. Old topic but I did make a 3d printed template to make Fileware/Twiggy disks. Works great.
  14. Thank you. I didn't want to post what I thought but I see how you came up with that was what i was thinking but could it be something up stream of the memory or does the "04" lock it in as a memory error for sure? g10 = 2000 g6 = 0200 f9 = 0010 f8 = 0008 f6 = 0002 F5 = 0001 Thank you!
  15. I am usually pretty good at deciphering these Sad Mac codes but this one is kinda complicated for a Mac 128k with original board. Is this multiple memory chips or perhaps something else?
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