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  1. I tried that route and didn’t get it to work. How did you copy the image to a virtual hard disk? Do you mean mounting the iso?
  2. Ha! I knew I'd seen something about CDROM support but (at the time... Thanks NF_!) the setup docs have had a placeholder and I couldn't remember where. I'm trying to boot/install A/UX and have had a bear of a time. I could get the Mac trampoline boot system setup, but the A/UX-proper installer side of things needs to access a second partition of the CDROM directly with all the A/UX stuff. (I think?) I wonder if supporting the standard Apple CDROM driver would allow A/UX to work. Evidently it's picky. It doesn't seem to respond to having an alternate driver installed.
  3. Well Quick fix... I copied `CD-Sunrise v2.2c` to my Extensions folder and now I can see the drive.
  4. I'm having trouble mounting an ISO image. I have a `.iso` off the web for A/UX 3.0.1 and I've attached it with `rasctl -i 2 -c attach -f /path/to/file.iso` It shows up as a CDROM using Lido 7.56. On my Mac IIsi running 7.5.5 I installed "Apple CD-ROM Setup 5.3.2" and I now have some CDROM-related Extensions in my System folder. In Lido, when I click on the drive, I just get the error chirp. Is it my ISO image perhaps?
  5. It doesn't actually seem to be a problem, but if you want to see those lines, I got them to appear by restarting the service: sudo systemctl restart rascsi I also noticed despite getting the system working and mounting and unmounting different images, I never saw any more lines when using tail -f /var/log/rasci.log Again, that didn't seem to prevent proper iteration operation.
  6. yeah I think so. I guess I'll just wing it and see how it goes. Unfortunately I trashed my classic Mac collection decades ago so this is all "from scratch". It would have been easy then but its Hard Mode now.
  7. Any ideas on how to get NU2.0 on a machine that doesn't have internet access yet? Also no floppy. Also only a ZIP drive that I can only burn images to from Linux.
  8. In my on-going quest to refurb my IIsi, I'm looking to install a FPU/Nubus riser as well as a Macon network card. Trying to do things incrementally, I'd like to install the FPU/Nubus adapter first and ensure it's working correctly. I couldn't find any discussion of how to do this on the web (or the forum). Any ideas? TIA!
  9. Thanks folks! I got my backup made. Here's the full run down to help the next person who comes along. My floppy literally shot smoke out the front a few weeks ago, so I don't have a floppy drive any more. I ended up booting on a ZIP disk and copying it's system folder over alongside the one on the HDD. Then I blessed it using System Picker and rebooted onto the HDD. Then I removed the IOmega drivers that had been in that system and rebooted. Then I installed the latest IOmega drivers. And rebooted. Those kinda didn't work so I removed those as well (and reb
  10. Ordered!! Thanks for putting it all together! The parts I ordered arrived weeks ago but the PCB manufacturer delayed the boards over and over (grumble grumble) so I don't have them yet.
  11. Due to limited access to options, I've got an external SCSI ZIP100 connected to a Mac IIsi with the original 80MB HDD. It has a bunch of historical files from the original owner I'd like to preserve. What software should I be using to back the drive up? I assume "just drag all the files over to copy them" isn't sufficient. I'm using the System 7.5.5 ZIP100 disk image available here, so that's what tools I have access to. Thanks!
  12. My order for 1.5 boards was messed up so I used the opportunity to update it to 1.6 versions. I was able to reduce the price of components down by half by digging around. I’ve got some grand ideas about a RaSCSI derivative with a bunch of additions I’m interested in, but again... focus. I was able to get the latest HEAD of master working last night with no problems (sans actual hardware to make it go...) Can I be added as a contributor? My github acct is “eparadis”. It has the same PCB icon as here. I have a few questions but I’ll post them as Issues to prevent info dispe
  13. Speaking of the wiki, I went into a deep drive on the electrical specs for SCSI-2 and the RPi and added some more color to the Transceiver Comparison page. I think I have a bee in my bonnet about alternative designs for some reason. I'll get my head out of hardware-land and into software-land this week. It might interest folks building their own that you can find the drivers here for a better price than Mouser: https://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/prodinfo.asp?number=A20313S
  14. Awesome thanks! I should have all the parts to make a couple boards in a few weeks. Once I get some working hardware with this rev, I’d like to have a go at a version with easier to obtain bus transceivers (as mentioned in the wiki). Any suggestions on which issues in the repo to take a look at that doesn’t actually require anything but an RPi?
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