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  1. Is MacSD open source hardware and/or software? Just curious.
  2. Ya, I've been able to emulate the DaynaPort SCSI/Link device using RaSCSI. (Its not quite ready for EVERYBODY to use it. Its not the easiest to set up yet, but it should be ready for prime-time in a couple weeks) There is a driver for the DaynaPort for the AtariST using MiNT, so you should be able to do IP from your Atari. (Disclaimer: I don't have an AtariST, so I can't test that RaSCSI works with it. But, I'm willing to help debug if necessary) You wouldn't have to use a complicated network protocol. Assuming you're on a private network, you could just use TFTP to share the files
  3. Very cool project! I'm excited to see how it progresses!
  4. Awesome! I’m honestly planning on dropping SASI support from my fork of RaSCSI sometime in the future. I have no way to test or debug it, and it adds a ton of complexity to the code. As I understand it, SASI allows you to have multiple logical devices on each ID, where SCSI does not. Are there other systems out there that use SASI besides the X68000?
  5. Do you have the termination switches enabled on the RaSCSI? That is a difference between Gimons and our version. I think he had termination on all the time. Are you using the same HD “type” as the Gimons board? There are a handful of different types, and to be honest, I’m not sure which are used when (except the Apple one)
  6. Hi there! Electrically, the Mac and Gimons versions should be the same... HOWEVER, there are different variants of each. All of the ones that I’ve sent out via Tindie are “fullspec”. It should say on your board whether it is fullspec or target only. There are different executables that you need to use for the different versions. Can you verify that you’re using the right version? RaSCSI should print it out to the console when you start it.
  7. Definitely!! I pre-ordered my CM4 in November, but its still not here yet! The best estimate they will give me is "sometime in January, maybe". Once I have my CM, I wouldn't be surprised if a CM version of RaSCSI comes around
  8. Congratulations!! That’s a nice looking board!
  9. The Mac is also a significant bottleneck. With a SE/30, I'm happy to get 1MB/s The maximum theoretical limit on SCSI-1 is 5MB/s, which is much slower than a SD card at 10-12MB/s.
  10. Hi Alex! Can use an external SSD with RaSCSI. I believe there are some hard-coded paths in the web interface that expect all of the disk images to be in /home/pi/images. But, you could just set up your Pi to mount your external SSD at that path. You can also use the command line interface to attach a drive from any path you want.
  11. Awesome!!! Good luck!! I might have to copy your termination logic for the next rev of my board ;-)
  12. That’s so cool!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!
  13. Everyone is always hating on PHP! (I don't have any special fondness for it either. I just copied what ztto did for his RaSCSI interface, that was PHP) Now, if anyone hates on C#, that's another story..... <3 C#
  14. Glad to hear you got things working!! If you still have some of the ISOs that you couldn't get working available, would you able to share them? I'd love to dig in and debug them to see what's going on. (Disclaimer.... my "free time" is pretty zero right now. But someday... )
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