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  1. I managed to get a working 1.2GB SCSI drive for my IIci and I installed the Color Board 364 into it. It works fine as a normal display adapter but I don't get any video input working. I tried both System 6 and 7. The MediaGrabber shows card type correctly and I can select video source but there is no video at all. Just plain gray screen. Any advice?
  2. By the way, what would be the proper way to redraw those buttons in case of updateEvt and when the application window is shown again. Without any redraw there is a white clipping. Edit: Never mind, I didn't realize there is DrawControls
  3. Another 500Mhz Pismo built from pile of spares with 192MB RAM and 10GB HD. Similar condition outside but keyboard is very worn. I have couple broken keyboards, I wonder if it is worth of the effort try to replace keycaps. The scissor mechanism looks somewhat fragile. I could possibly build third one but I am lacking display hinge screws
  4. Excellent news. After a countryside weekend I had a new attempt with Pismo. First I had a better look with memory chips and found out I actually had 512MB + 128 MB combo available. Then I wanted to see whether the heatsink makes any difference. Apparently 500MHz CPU doesn't want even to boot without heatsink. I must have spent too much time with old II series Macintoshes... So, I put everything together and tightened screws. Now it booted up nice, no chime though. After OS 9 loaded I could verify CPU speed and memory. Now sound worked fine. Then a reboot with chime. Great! As I ha
  5. Some results of the Pismo sorting session: 5 CPUs but only 2 are ok. All of them boot but all 500MHz models do not have sound and seem to be unstable. The faulty 400Mhz has distorted sound and crashes. I guess there isn't anything I could do with them? 3 nice working screens with good inverters. 2-3 good logic board + power&sound card combos. I wish I could get one of the 500MHz CPUs working but I have no clue what to do with them.
  6. There seems to be both 400MHz and 500MHz CPUs but without memory. Two working HDs, couple good looking screens and cases and keyboards. But no batteries or Airport cards at all.
  7. Alright, I got some parts. Something like 5 G3 Pismos in various levels of destruction. Some should boot but have broken screens etc. The guy I fetched them from said I should be able to get at least one working Pismo out of those. Let's see... Oh, and I got also two IIcx more (logic board and case only) but that is a different story.
  8. Alright, I have my copyBits animation stuff working with buttons and menus controlling it. I ended up creating three offscreens, two are for the static sources and one is for the staging area before copying everything to the screen. Might be a little bit excessive but no need to load pictures from the resources for each refresh. It even runs fine on my SE/30 with 7.5.5 Thanks again for the help!
  9. Thanks guys, the example looks pretty much what I'm looking for.
  10. One more question. I want to have buttons straight on the window next to the picture without any dialog. These buttons would have direct effect on the picture without need of hitting any ok button. Is it possible to use the standard buttons without dialog? Or should I go more low level and draw button looking image and figure out if mousedown happens on it?
  11. It seems display sleep or some other energy saver causes this machine to became really slow on screen redraws, for example while typing or just refreshing windows. After restart everything back to normal. I have scanned the HD with Disinfectant 3.7.1. The computer has ATI Rage Pro with 6MB VRAM and it is running 9.2.2 and the latest ATI drivers. Any ideas?
  12. Hehe, this went pretty fast from a fun little hello world window to the dark misery. Things I suffered lately: Trying to find good, simple and working example of offscreen and copybits for Think Pascal. Eventually used https://www.lysator.liu.se/~ingemar/tp45d4/port_microanim_to_45.html and http://mirror.informatimago.com/next/developer.apple.com/documentation/mac/QuickDraw/QuickDraw-304.html Didn't get it working on my project. Got a head ache with correct imports/uses. Copied source of microanim to my project. Didn't work. Checking with debugger what is the QDErr. -108. C
  13. Back to basics. I wrote a simple application to load PICT from resources and to display it using simple DrawPicture. Works fine as a stand alone compiled application but if I try the "Run" command on Think Pascal 4.5a1 and OS 9.2.2 I get an empty window. Is that some known issue? Edit: Ah, the PICT was in 24bit image. I converted it to 1bit in GraphicsConverter and works fine now.
  14. Hopefully I will receive some Pismo parts in couple of weeks time. I think Pismo should give a chime without a working display inverter board, modem or hard drive so I can rule those out. Actually a better bottom case with a working logic board would be nice as this one looks like it has been left on a kitchen hot plate...
  15. I think there is a bad connector, solder or trace somewhere. I managed to get the chime and screen on once more but after a little shaking screen went black. Power card, sound card or the logic board?
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