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  1. Thanks for getting back to me, bibilit! The geometry adjustments are fine. Picture was perfect before the flickering and brightness oscilations. The geometry was affected after I resoldered some components in the board. So, I am pretty sure the adjustment is unrelated. More like being a defective component or trace... and there is the issue with the screen shutting down on its own after 5 minutes. That wouldn't give me enough time to adjust anything, even if I tried The picture below was taken yesterday... see that it looks OK. No distortion.
  2. This is how the picture looks right now... it is kind of stable (no brightness or flickering issues), after a few more interventions... but it is distorted as it can be seen... I don't think this is just a matter of correcting the geometry... it seems to be an analog board issue, still. I left it on for a while to see if the dark screen returns, and it did. After only 5 minutes on. Screen shut down, but everything else looked OK. I could use the keyboard to shutdown the Mac, even without the screen. Sound also is fine. Only thing affected seems to be the video.
  3. Hi everyone! My first post here (I think...)! My name is Marco, a vintage computer enthusiast. I have a collection of old Macs, Amigas, Ataris, MSX and such... simply love them! I spend a lot of time restoring them to bring them back to their glory days... now, I am strugling to bring back a Mac CC... Yes, yes... sorry about that! But, yet again in this forum, we have an issue with a Mac CC I have looked all over for info about this, couldn't find it anywhere. I am about to throw the towel here, so I thought about asking for help before doing it Little bac
  4. Hey Guys, I am here to report that not only booting a Mac Plus from an external SCSI2SD is possible, but also to inform that the "hack" to make the Mac Plus SCSI provide termination power works and it is VERY easy to perform. I detailed the steps in my blog, feel free to check! http://retroguy.blog/2020/01/14/booting-a-mac-plus-out-of-an-external-scsi2sd-card/ Cheers! Marco
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