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  1. IIRC, the IIe and IIc have an integrated diagnostic routine (I don't know about the II and II+). I always accessed it with Control-Open Apple-Closed Apple-Reset, but the support article below suggests that you just need to hold down Closed Apple while turning on the power. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA38047?viewlocale=en_US
  2. Hey, this is cool! Glad to see the idea of using a 68k machine in a modern environment. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  3. Got a monitor connected (17 inch LCD), and I can report back on a few things: It had Mac OS 8.0, I just updated to 8.1. PowerPC 604 at 120 mhz 48 MB ram 1 gb HD Not sure what to do with it now. Never had a machine that ran OS 8 before (and it's a little wimpy to go to 9, at least not without some RAM updates and maybe a new processor card). Kinda nice to have a 7, 8, and 9 machine. Any recommendations on web browser (Classila needs 8.6 I believe) and maybe a nice IM / IRC client?
  4. Check out this link for the drivers: http://www.markyb.org/farallon-ethermac-se-driver-disk-version-2-2-1/ I've found that the Farallon EN install works for the majority of that era Farallon network hardware, including the etherwave. I've managed to get TCP/IP working on 7.1.1 and 7.5.3 - but it seems dependent on working PRAM. The driver will install an "Alternate Ethernet" adapter, use that for IP networking. Hope it works! Alex
  5. Thank you, thank you! I do love the look of it, but also the expandability - looking at eBay right now there are processor cards, ethernet cards, usb cards, it'll take big hard discs, 1.5gb of ram *pant pant pant*... BTW, do the 9600 processor cards work in the 9500?
  6. Razzafracking dropbox... https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sq1lpjysj0m35h/20130713_145919.jpg
  7. So, I'm digging around the local thrift looking for wireless stuff for a project (found both a nice 802.11b and 802.11n router) and lo and behold for $13: What I've managed to figure out so far: - It's got the mach64 Apple PCI video card with the old school 15-pin connector. Only monitor I have that fits is the 12" Apple RGB monitor, and it doesn't like the output from the 9500 - Two hard disks, one is an Apple branded IBM 1gb disk, the other is a Quantum of some kind. Sounds like the Quantum is banging it's heads around on boot - it had power disconnected when I got it, so I
  8. Yeah, I've got Noguchi's driver - although I had MoreWifiCards installed - just did a wipe and installed only enetsup.pkg enetsup.pkg inetenbl.pkg inetstup.pkg Lantern Noguchi's driver Nethopper Confirmed a few things: 1. The ubuntu hotspot isn't being seen by anything else. 2. My iBook is starting to die. I've got the striped screen on both internal and external monitor. I'll see about rustling up some genuine 802.11b routing hardware...
  9. Hi folks! So, I've got myself a Messagepad 2100, nice little device, and I've acquired some pcmcia networking stuff off ebay. I've got a 3Com 10/100 Xjack card (won't work, shouldn't work, doesn't work, shoulda RTFM better), another ethernet card that's on the way (RTFMd, will work), and an Orinoco Gold card (supposta work). Well, the wireless is giving me a headache. I've tried to connect to hotspots generated by my Ibook and Ubuntu laptops, no dice. I think my next move is to get my hands on an old-school 802.11b router (can't find for love or money right now) and give it a whirl. I
  10. So, I've got an ongoing problem with one of those "manta ray" looking Etherwave adapters. I had it working with 7.5.3 and Open Transport - TCP/IP worked nicely, Appletalk was configured for the "alternet ethernet" port - all was happy. But any time that I take the computer off the power supply and disconnect the adapter, when I go to reconnect it, it refuses to work with TCP/IP... I get "Resolver Not Found" errors. I don't have a working laptop battery, and I'm pretty sure the PRAM battery isn't charging. I thought that there might be a PRAM variable getting changed, so I tried sav
  11. Yeah... I'd like the 32mb upgrade at some point, but it's like trying to find... well, something that's hard to find. I wonder if the adapter could be replicated somehow...
  12. Link to Picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/105025705645284918333/Macintosh?authuser=0&feat=directlink I thought in college that painting the LCIII would be a good idea after reading an article in PC/Magazine by Penn Jillete. I also thought watercolors would do the trick. Heh. I think a scrub and a retrobrite are in order. Maybe even a repaint with something different...
  13. Hey, my first post! So, I was wandering about my local thrift, and in the "collectables" section I see what looks like an older mac laptop in pretty good condition. They want $55 for it, but the lady in the department tells me to make an offer. I hesitantly offer $30, and walk out with a PowerBook 150 in really nice shape. It had the original recovery floppy, NiCd battery (which seems to be really dead), power adapter, a nice Targus carry bag, and the little plastic thingy that covers the battery compartment. I got it home, it rattled a bit and they keyboard seemed semi responsive. Ope
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