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  1. I need a replacement 520c keyboard, and somebody else has offered me a 520 keyboard, but I don’t know if they’re interchangeable. Can someone confirm this for me?
  2. There is also some corrosion from the previous battery on the motherboard, but no visible broken traces. The keyboard has the following nonworking keys in case that helps: 1,2,3,\,[,u,w,a,s,d,f,h, return key, b, period, arrow keys, space, command, enter, and function keys. Does anyone have a schematic, or is it even worth testing?
  3. Thank you for recommending me to these posts. I found a battery recondition software somewhere, and now my battery works as it should. (The keyboard on the unit doesn't work, however, and near it on the logic board is some corrosion; could this have caused a broken trace?)
  4. I'm pretty sure System 7 does not have it built in except with some update. I still somehow found a copy that worked online after I wrote this post.
  5. Does anyone have the file or an operational link to the PowerBook 500 battery recondition utility? I am currently doing a rebuild on it and the EEPROM in the circuit board is still having trouble believing that the battery actually works.
  6. I rebuilt a battery from a Powerbook 180, and when I tried to power it on, it would start, but when it got to the happy Mac screen, it would instantly power off. Further testing revealed that the computer thought that the battery was rapidly decreasing in charge. It isn't. What could be wrong with it? The battery is 5 rechargeable AA's with a heat sensor attached. It is not an intelligent battery and the power manager has been reset. Is something else wrong?
  7. I decided recently to rebuild a couple of batteries for some of my old Macs, and the one for the 520C simply does not work. The battery is detected and its battery remaining shown, but when the AC adapter is unplugged, a message pops up saying "No reserve battery power remaining" and the PowerBook goes on standby 10 seconds later. I have attached a picture with one of the multimeter readings, and I have already attempted to reset the power manager (although I could be doing it wrong, so confirming how to do it would be welcome). Could anyone help? Important note: I am an amateur w
  8. Were you able to charge from the laptop or did you have to set up a way to remove the cells before recharging them? If I were to set up another 5 batteries in parallel to the first set of 5, similarly to the original configuration, would it still work?
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