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  1. So, just to resurrect this thread, other than the voltage regulator, the datasheet for the 601 & 601v looks to be identical - is it just that in a system you could replace the 601 with a 601v and swap out the VREG at the same time to supply the lower core voltage?
  2. @Unknown_K Well i just placed an order for 10 PPC601's from a NoS source so...let the games begin
  3. So while this adapter is fine, it's very tight, and needlessly so, there's a bit more space available, and i'd like to use a PLCC socket instead of soldering the chip in. I moved the PLCC socket, redid the zones, re-did the routing and as a result, managed to make it into a 2-layer PCB, as opposed to the 4-layer it was before. I have another batch of PCB's inbound, if anyone wants one, let me know. Have attached the gerbers. ADB-XCVR Adapter v1.1.zip
  4. @PowerMac_G4 Thing is, this card is rare enough as it is...this is gonna be a 4/6 layer board, and very, very tightly packed - i'd say at least for now, it's beyond me. @Bolle Do you have a whole tray of those 040 ASICs?! Where the hell did you find them? I think if i can find a NoS PPC601, i'll give it a go. Cut the legs off the dead PPC, use hot air to remove the remnants, then clean up the pads, solder paste and away we go...sounds simple enough in practice, but TQFP304 parts...eeesh.
  5. Oh well, so much for the excitement... Cracked die... Bugger. I found a few PPC601's on ebay, but I can't find a decent datasheet for the part numbers.... I'd legitimately try and swap the cpu with my hot air station...
  6. So i went on buyee.jp and bought many items. The first to arrive is this, a Daystar PowerCard 601-100 for the LC475 that's also inbound by sea shipping. Looks to be in good condition!
  7. No, not yet. I have bodge wires soldered to the logic board in places to look at certain lines - but i've had literally zero motivation to try anything yet - weekends are too precious, really, really sleep deprived at the moment
  8. If these are still available, i'd love two sets of 4 - i have more IIfx's on the way from Hokkaido than i know what to do with
  9. *pokes head in* Did someone say reproduction board?
  10. I cranked up the heat on my schlorp-gun to max, and sunk the nozzle into the solder puddle and pulled the trigger, that got rid of most of what was in the holes, then tidied up with solder wick and an iron with flux, untwisted the twisted bits, then just put some pressure between the board and the frame and used the hot air station on the underside, so the frame is held in only by solder and it just falls out. Bit of a pain but ehhh, now i have the frame out, i could flatten it out, then trace it in something like fusion 360 and send off for it to be stamped out on a sheet so peopl
  11. Reason i ask is...i just bought 100 of these, CTS branded - new-old-stock, still in the tubes. So no more worrying about your oscillators - if you want one, ping me for one....or ten!
  12. Well well well... Look what showed up this morning just before I headed to the office! They're so wee!
  13. toru173 reached out to me - please don't blame them for this - it's easy to get swept up in excitement/possibilities of the project.
  14. I'd enquire myself, but i eschewed facebook completely (deleted in 2018).
  15. Can you direct him to this thread so we can pick information from his brain?
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