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  1. Dm me! They're £36 + p&p each, comes with a 15.6672 MHz oscillator Speaking of, @Bolledid your package still contain the sheet of oscillators I sent?
  2. It was entirely random, honest! I'm excited for your SE/30 board, can't wait to build one up!
  3. @CC_333 unfortunately, all of them sold out very quickly - however, i do have another batch of boards due to arrive tomorrow - these are all blue with enig gold finish. You're welcome to one of those, I have 30 of them!
  4. The area around C26 on the rear looks like it's taken a fair amount of heat! I'd start in that area on the back, just to make things easier! Also - remember that there is a split power plane across the rear I/O.
  5. Woohoo! The more the merrier! I've spent the last 8 hours inserting the split ground plane into the Sprint Layout, and toning out most of the major pins of stuff - pretty damn sure that everything in the middle layers is just ground and power, i can't see anything else wierd, except MAYBE /DACK on the BBU not being connecte to anything despite a trace and via being connected to....something. Here's where we stand:
  6. the copper is thick enough that once you sand down to it, you'll have a tough time removing it, even a partial sanding down over a section of the board may confirm suspicions.
  7. Okay - time to ramp up this project now that the SE has tapered off a bit! I'd like anyone with a wrecked board to contribute, if they're up for it - what i mean is - if the board is truly bollocksed, and can't be patched - SAND IT! I'd love to know the inner two layers - i'm fairly certain that again, it's a 4-layer board. Bruce from Branchus Creations has taken a photo of a cross section and it looks very similar to the SE in that the middle layers are VCC and GND, but i'd love to confirm this. However, i actually don't have a sander and my hand dexterity has taken a hit recently
  8. OK - all orders have now been fulfilled (with the exception of @Mac84's for now (run out of anti-static stuff for the chips, will ship out later this week mate ) I've mailed all of you with the Royal Mail/ParcelForce tracking numbers - UK deliveries are next day, typically, international are 5-7 days. One request would be - when you get it, would you post the picture of the delivered items in the thread to show off to others? Also if you have a build project surrounding these, i'm more than happy to render any assistance necessary! Phew - taking such a hug
  9. Sure! I'm up for that - if you can get me a scan of the PCB's once stripped i'll remake them in sprint 1:1 - looks like they're simple 2-layer boards, too.
  10. @Phipli https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Texas-Instruments/SN74F32DRE4?qs=mE33ZKBHyE4brGTRtUJ7LQ%3D%3D - bought in quantity, less than 50p each
  11. Hmm...that GAL that was dumped...if the rest of that simm PCB can be imaged, i could make some new IIx memory...
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