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  1. Nice find! Curious what speed the accelerator will be.
  2. Great tip! And yes, I've noticed the very small ICs, looks like a complex board. I had to disassemble my 8200 to check some bezel parts and noticed that board is a lot simpler with bigger ICs, even though that is a later machine. Due to time constraints I couldn't upload any restoration progress pics yet, I'll do that over the weekend. Niels
  3. Hello all! After being an (inactive) member for quite some time, I recently picked up collecting again. Time for my first real post! I received a Quadra 840av last week. It was a bit of a gamble, as it was untested according to the seller. The only thing he knew was that it chimed. The photos showed some rust down the bottom vent holes, so worst case scenario could be a battery explosion. I had no idea what to expect, but the price was interesting enough to take the risk. Here it arrived, in a box without any foam. Oh my! The only protection was a piece of cloth…
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