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  1. Hi, I'm trying to repair one of my SE/30 motherboard. I've already repaired 2 without problem (capacitors replacement) but the third one boots (I can hear the "bong") with a bright horizontal line. I'm 100% sure it comes from the logic board because when swapping motherboard and CRT, the problem occurs only with that motherboard. All trace leks fine (cheap microscope inspection), the battery was not leaking so the board is very clean. I tried dishwashing it before and after replacing the caps. There's a partial thread with a similar problem but withou
  2. Hi everybody, I'm currently restoring a few Mac II I have. One of them is working fine (when jump-started). I can't find any tantalum or radial electrolytic capacitors (those who generally leaks), but found only axial one (less subject to leaking). What would you recommend for putting them in storage ? Replacing them ?
  3. Hi, Yes, i tried with additional RAM (with properly configured jumper) and without (switching the jumper) with no chance to get it boot.
  4. Hi, I've got a similar problem, but without the second line (00000000) Did you fix your problem, and (if yes) how ? My recapped classic boots fine without the ram expansion in, but boot with this memory error when inside. Regards,
  5. Hi, I just recap a Macintosh Classic I bought (didn't try before recapping) The motherboard is in good condition before (and after) recapping. When memory expansion module is installed, I got a 00000005 sad mac error code. Without the expansion module, the unit boot fine (but can't finish the boot because system 7 needs more ram) . I tried swapping with a known working module without any luck. So, I guess the problem must be located on the motherboard. Where can I look first ? Thanks,
  6. Second cleaning, does it looks still bad ? I guess not that much but still too much !
  7. First clean .... How does it look ?
  8. Hi, I recently acquired a SE/30 with just a white horizontal line on the screen. When opening, I found the Maxwell battery has leak (usual). Is it worth repairing it ? Do you think it's possible to make it alive again ? I will clean the board and post pictures when it's clean.
  9. Hi everybody, During these "forced" holidays, I decide to dig into my Mac collection, especially Mac Mac II. I have 2 Mac II, the first one appears to be original. It won't boot but I doubt the battery are completely dead and it needs battery to start. Does it need both batteries to start or just one. What are the best replacement for those (convenient, mine are soldered). It doesn't seems to received damage from leaking battery or capacitors. Would you recommend to replace them even if they looks good ? The second one is a Mac IIx motherboard inside a Mac II case. But they ar
  10. For those who are interested, here's a picture of the screen from the TAM and from the 3400c, not the same supplier. It might be different from country (I live in Belgium !)
  11. Hi guys, I fixed the problem by replacing the screen with an old 3400 screen. Not a simple procedure, I broke two latches from the TAM, but everything went well. Thanks for the info.
  12. An 3400c screen is coming for the swap. I'll take you informed of the result. Regards
  13. I'll try to find a 3400 for spare. How can you explain the LCD failure ? The backlight is still working well. Which part of the LCD screen is subject to fail ? Thanks for the info.
  14. Hi, I just tried to reboot my 20th anniversary macintosh this sunday. It seems to boot right, but the screen stays white. I'm pretty sure it boots fine because it reacts to volume switch, birthness and power off. The last time it booted was less than 1 years ago. No changes (except powering down for this period). I tried the usual stuff (NVRAM, reset, battery check, ....) without any luck. I've made a video showing to process. Starting - waiting the TAM to boot, green light, actual booting, controls working, powering down. IMG_0991.MOV
  15. I still have the card, I can once try to replace the capacitors.
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