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  1. Scrape it off with a file? And would Gorilla Glue work?
  2. I have a Plus and SE. Are the transformers on those compatible with the SE/30's?
  3. Thanks, yea I figured it was high voltage so I used the back of a plastic pen to tap it. I'm reading I could remove the glue and epoxy it, but it requires a lot of work, including fastidious scraping, baking out moisture, and using a vacuum chamber. Is there a quick and dirty solution that will stop the sound even at the cost of a lower life expectancy for the transformer?
  4. What’s this component circled in red called? I found that when I tap it with a pen, the sound goes away momentarily. Is this the flyback transformer you're talking about?
  5. Looks like the transformer glue is intact. Here's a video where you can hear the sound, if that helps.
  6. For the same brightness (white point when the screen is all white) and the same dither pattern (let's say 50% gray), my Macintosh SE CRT produces darker intensity than my other compact Macs (an SE/30 and a Plus). I use my Macs for graphic art, and I have trouble making dithered grays look consistent across the computers. I could almost describe this issue as a difference in the dot pitch of the pixels, i.e. the distance between the edges of a discretely lit pixel. Is there some component on the analog board or CRT assembly I could replace to adjust this? Since I use the SE as a dai
  7. After using my Macintosh SE/30 for about half an hour, it starts to make a very high pitched, continuous sound at a low but annoying volume. (It sounds like tinnitus.) After another few minutes, it becomes more intermittent. I'm guessing it's some capacitor(s) getting noisy at a certain temperature range. I've had the analog board recapped a year ago and the logic board I bought previously recapped (don't know how long ago). I haven't recapped the power supply. What is the most likely culprit?
  8. Where can I find documentation or reference manuals for Think C 5.0? I noticed there is a reference browser in the Think C 5.0 package at Macintosh Garden, but it’s only a demo version. I have the Inside Macintosh set, but I’m interested in any extra functions/features provided by Think C besides those that directly map to the Pascal functions documented in IM. Also, I’m wondering if Think Class Library (TCL) is worth learning (if there is any extant documentation for it) or using non-OOP C is sufficient for, say, a paint program or a HyperCard-like point and click adventure game. I
  9. It's coiled and looks about the same shade of gray as the keyboard, and everything else with the computer works. Also, the keyboard does consistently work with the cable tugged upward, as if something is not making contact properly without the added pressure.
  10. I got one that follows the wiring of the original Mac Plus cord according to my continuity testing with a multimeter.
  11. I have a Macintosh Plus with an intermittently working keyboard. The keyboard works (all keys) when I tug the cord upward near the port on the keyboard. I've tried using another phone handset cord, and I get similar intermittent behavior. I've tried prying the 4 leads in the port up with a string to give it a bit more springiness, but it doesn't help. I'm guessing I'll have to open the keyboard and see if the port's solder joint is weak. Any tips on opening the keyboard and working inside it? Or any other possible cause for this symptom?
  12. Thanks folks! I connected the two computers and they are sharing files via AppleTalk just fine. For posterity, I'll note my procedure. SE/30 is running System 7.1. Plus is running 6.0.8 installed with the AppleTalk workstation option selected. Turn on AppleTalk on both computers in the Chooser. Turn off the computers, plug in the printer cable to the printer port on each computer, and restart. On the SE/30 > Control Panels > Users & Groups, I made a new user called "Plus" with a password. In Control Panels > Sharing Setup, input Ow
  13. I'm trying to connect a Macintosh Plus to an SE/30 to share files using just a printer cable (Apple 8 pin mini-din) on their respective printer ports. Is this possible, or would I need a LocalTalk Connection Kit as this manual suggests https://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/Apple_LocalTalk_Cable_System_Owners_Guide_1987.pdf?
  14. What programming environment and/or compiler did you use?
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