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  1. Another interesting option would be doing much the same thing but with an OpenWRT-based device. @ants ' software already works OOTB with OpenWRT, and there are many little boards (see here also) that run OpenWRT and are designed to solder directly into another PCB in the matter you desire. I've long meant to do a similar project with the Asante Maccon in my SE and SE/30.
  2. Maybe something like this would provide enough current for the ST-225? datasheet It's 4 x 2 x 1.07 in (101.6 x 50.8 x 27ish mm), 5V output (up to 8A), 12V output (up to 3A).
  3. Wow, looking forward to trying this out!
  4. Some through-holes might be connected to the ground plane, which will soak up the heat of your soldering iron. I have a hot air gun that I use in conjunction with the iron in these cases. As noted earlier, new solder (and flux) helps.
  5. No English documentation that I’m aware of. Google Translate was adequate for me to figure it out. AFAICT it’s as functional as the non-baremetal version in terms of providing an emulated SCSI device to boot from. I put a 7.5.5 image on it and my SE/30 booted from it with no problems at all. Obviously it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the non-baremetal versions have.
  6. RaSCSI is instant on if you use the baremetal version. The only config needed is putting the baremetal version + disk image on the SD and putting the name of the disk image into a text configuration file.
  7. shot in the dark here, but how large is the ISO file you are uploading?
  8. Are you sure it's actually a plain text file, not an rtf with a .txt extension?
  9. IIRC one sunny afternoon worked just fine.
  10. I would say the fingernail polish description is pretty apt. I was cheap and used the free UV flashlight in the sky. It seemed to work fine.
  11. Unfortunately not, I didn’t take any pictures before putting things back together. I can recall that it doesn’t look original - you can tell someone was in there with a paintbrush - but after letting it cure in the sun it seemed to provide adequate coverage.
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