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  1. To be quite honest I have no idea. My first guess is that it would send ctrl-click for the right button but some old forum threads seem to suggest that the right button has some click-and-drag functionality, and maybe drivers can change the functionality of these mice... What system (if any) have you tested it on, out of curiosity?
  2. This is great, I’ve always had issues refilling the system so when I saw that you had incorporated new pump tops to aid this I immediately started looking forward to the full guide. I’ve got a single pump LCS in total disrepair, so perhaps I’ll be able to resurrect it this winter with this guide.
  3. Wonder why the board connector is missing. Hopefully it didn’t take any traces with it. let us know how it goes!
  4. I think these are the cables OP is referring to: OP: I'm not sure what connector that is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's still possible to find one. If not, it should be possible to splice the wire back together (if you have both ends). If not, you might want to figure out the pin spacing on the connector and solder down something that you can find the male and female components for, then fashion your own wire.
  5. Re power, might it be best to add a floppy power connector to the PCB design, but leave it unpopulated? That would take little space on the board and wouldn’t change the BOM, but if anyone had issues using term power it would be trivial to solder in the connector. also, I’m definitely in for a few PCBs.
  6. I had it working with a G3 iMac and OpenWRT device - it’s an awesome extension! I seem to recall some issue getting stunnel set up on my OpenWRT device, so I never got Spotify working... yet. When I get the time, hopefully it’ll happen.
  7. That’s awesome! How much of a leap is it from this to something like the SCSIgraph? I assume it would be a matter of having a second (virtual) display that the Mac thinks is connected, and having a screen buffer for that display available to be copied over SCSI? It looks like the SCSIgraph also had color output - maybe this could be part of a solution to obtain grayscale video on the SE/30 (or earlier) without an XCEED card...
  8. Adding a data point here: I recapped the Apple Singapore version of the SE/30 power supply earlier this spring (same PSU as what @thxkbye, @iamroot have posted in this thread). It seems that capacitor leakage is a huge issue on these PSUs: mean looked similar to the picture above, and there was a large amount of cap goo on the metal enclosure as well. In the areas where there are black spots, the solder mask is easy to scrape off. Fortunately, the copper appears to be 100% intact underneath. I scraped off the marginal solder mask, replaced it, and installed new caps. Now the power
  9. This is a great project and I am definitely in for (at least) one!
  10. Great stuff - very interested in the results of your testing!
  11. Are the capacitors original?
  12. FWIW my SE board which came with the SE/30-style chassis has no cutout.
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