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  1. Thanks for your patience with me! I have tested the PSU voltages (they're fine), and I'll reseat and clean the chips this weekend (using the flat head screwdriver method).
  2. Perhaps I spoke a bit too soon. I think several things are going on. The video is intermittent - that's a port issue. Not all keys on the keyboard work. I'm going to open it up and make sure all the keys are making good connections. And the most puzzling - intermittent operation. Sometimes CTRL-Reset works, sometimes it doesn't (but it always beeps). Sometimes, pressing it just puts characters in random places on the screen, and when I click it again the character seems to increment (if it started as a 0: 0 --> 1 --> 2 etc.). Twice, it's dropped me straight int
  3. It works! I think it's a video port problem now, as it's intermittent and jostling the video cable can fix it. I'll take a look at my solder joint again and maybe reflow it.
  4. Reseating A8 seemed to temporarily fix it. I could see a green line on the monitor, which is what I saw when the computer worked. When I grabbed my projector though (which is the only other display device I have for seeing composite video), it no longer worked on either monitor. I bent the pins pulling out the chip and had to bend them back into shape, so I'm not super keen on pulling it out again (if you have any tips for that, let me know). It's heartening that it "worked" at least temporarily though. Interestingly, I noticed that before I reseated A8, the computer beeped twi
  5. Sorry about the late response here! I took a break from working on it. The pin appeared to be fine, though, and there was continuity between the extra breakout video header and the pin as well.
  6. I have soldered the joint and it now appears to be solid (the joint no longer twists), but the computer still doesn't output a signal. Any other tips? I'm rather confused because it was working for the first day or so in my possession, so it seems natural to me that the video jack would have failed after I plugged it in a few times. I actually learned to solder specifically for this and I may have messed up, so attached is a photo of the connection - please excuse the dust! !
  7. I'd be interested in seeing how that works!
  8. Firstly, I have no prior experience with these systems and couldn't find a manual (or really any information at all) online. That said, my 575 boots to a question mark. I've been trying to boot from a CD-RW in the CD-ROM drive, but that doesn't seem to work (and when I eject the CD, it's still in the same position as when I put it in). I'm assuming then that the CD-ROM drive is non-functional. How would I go about fixing that, and is the only other way to install an OS using a floppy disk? I found this link but have no real wish to write to 21 floppies (I'd much rather just fix
  9. Apologies in advance if this is just rehashing common knowledge - I have done research but I'm honestly paranoid that I'll break the computer or that there's some info I've missed that is essential for working on older machines. A while ago I got an Apple ][ Plus which, despite being working before it was shipped, wasn't working upon arrival. I posted here, and some helpful people told me it was likely the video solder joint that had broken. Now, a few months later, I'm sheltering in place and bored, and have decided to finally get it working again - but I haven't ever
  10. Not what @TheMrKocour was asking, but what about the early macs (128k, 512k, Plus)? I've seen conflicting information - both that they need recaps and that they don't (the analogue board does but not the logic board maybe). Does anyone have a definitive say on that? I fail to see why they'd be different from the other, later macs.
  11. I have one - it's considered the second best compact mac after the SE/30 (it's the last in the lineage). Personally, I don't understand why it would be second best, but then again I have no experience with the SE/30. Was this what you were asking for (apologies if I misunderstood)?
  12. I also transfer files like this, but I write a blank floppy image to a disk with Balena Etcher, which I can then natively write to. I got a zip file of blank floppy images somewhere that I just unzip as needed for more . I've attached the zip just in case someone in the future is researching and finds this thread (I know the pain). blanks-1.0.0.zip
  13. I don’t have a IIc, but I’d love to subscribe to your newsletter! Where could I find that?
  14. It does beep and the light goes on, so it’s probably the video connector. How would I go about fixing it?
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