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  1. Wow, a Carrera040 clone, now you are talking
  2. Wow, simply astonished. Can't wait to hear the back story!
  3. If I am interpreting this correctly, does this mean we can run a Turbo 040, MacCon AND a Radius Pivot which wasn't possible before?? Wow! I thought I was at endgame for SE/30 (3 stack), this might have me looking for a Turbo 040...
  4. Is it possible to buy a PDS flat cable for the DIN-connector? Judging from things it ought to be possible, but it doesn’t look like it’s 1:1. Here is a thread by @Von that shows how he did it, so cool.
  5. Wow that’s awesome, so not only PowerCache but Turbo 040 too! It does make it feel a lot faster. Without the cache the CPU is always waiting on a 16mhz bus for memory access.
  6. Summary: if you are using a TwinSpark with a Universal PowerCache, you are not getting full speed compared to the Socketed PowerCache. This is because the cache is not enabled even if it is turned on in the control panel. To enable the enabling of the cache, add a jumper between C11 and C13 on the cache slot of the TwinSpark. This may also apply to the IIsi adaptor and DiimoCache adaptor but we don’t know for sure.
  7. Congrats! Build pics would be awesome! I am one of a few looking for one as well, but I am learning to be patient!
  8. Oooo nice! It would be very interesting if there are differences.
  9. Just a random dude wanting that last 3-4 MIPS out of a 68030 machine along with someone that actually knows what's going on! But yeah I think this is pretty big news for llsi Adaptor/TwinSpark/ProtoCache users. I mean there have been these types of builds described on Gamba's site that would have the same problem. Not everyday you discover something new 20 some years odd on, all thanks to @Bolle . Don't have a pic, but, cheers!!
  10. Hard to tell from the pic but double check your C13 connection! C14 is +5v and that would cause a short. Otherwise I think you are good!
  11. Also thank you to @JDW for confirming my suspicions!
  12. @Bolle Yup C13 goes no where as far as I can tell. So I tried it! Yaaaaah! Full speed! Fast stars are fast This is a huge discovery for Universal PowerCache users on the SE/30! "Double your computer's speed with a paperclip". That doesn't happen much these days! @ktkm Here is a pic of my "jumper" Yeah its a paperclip right now. I'll take more pics when I do it right this weekend, but there are markings on the PCB to for you to count (C is top row, there is 10 under the tenth pin, then count over connect).
  13. Nope doesn't seem so (but not home yet to check). How about this way: can I run a wire in the connection hole or outside to connect C13 to GND (say, two holes up to C11) and try?
  14. It doesn't look like C13 (I'm guessing that's 13th pin hole on the 3rd row has traces down near the jumpers), so probably not that?
  15. Good eye! I was just half way drawing lines in those pics and it was rough with the lines in the layers. Can't wait to try to run a wire, after confirming here first if I got it right first of course Yay for fast stars!!!
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