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  1. this bridge here works for a variety of cpus etc http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/100/CY7C09449PVA-AC - Obsolete-356429.pdf and dont forget to always check out opencores.org for stuff also VME bus based another reason why we want to go around the amiga buster is also proper DMA
  2. whats that mean im talking to a moderator? yeah i can read so are you gonna bully me with that fact or something like a cop? you are starting a issue for no reason and i dont understand why
  3. um you must be mistaken about me and converting a bus into another is what all computers are doing i think you need to calm down
  4. yes i know all about the bridges and yes the prometheus with latest firmware is out there and we are not using 030 cpu's just amiga's bus design is based on it zorro can do fast as pci its the "BUSTER" controller that limits you this is why the Phase5/DCE GREX/visions series were fast as they had there own pci bridge to 040/060 http://www.e3b.de/prometheus/
  5. in my other project we are trying to make a faster PCI to 030bus since at the moment the mediator board we use goes through the old slower Zorro bus which is a big loss atm since we only get a max 13MB/s bandwidth shared with a Voodoo 3 youtube has vids of our cards playing Quake 3 and RTCW etc etc ther is another PCI bridge that just became fully opensource and just FYI Zorro bus is basically a 030 bus
  6. actually there are 68k PCI bridges eg Qspan by moto there are a few others too already lookin at them for another project of mine
  7. and i have all manuals and datasheets and errata for PPC's and many bridges/chipsets besides the impossible marvell series stuff which i really need well i have some but i need the programmer manual
  8. it will stay at default hardwired speed till set by software or powersaving states
  9. 750FX/GX are the fastest coolest per clock of all G3 due to its process it uses ~4w at 800MHz also they have software controlled clocking there are 2 PLL's those cards you see in that pic the white chip 1 holds a 750FX@800mhz and that heatsink can keep it stable at 1GHz same the TSI107 is a 7410 which can hit 600+ with that sink we wrote a program to control the clocks within AmigaOS 3.X
  10. this is 1 of the IBM IOP cards that uses a PPC750FX-680133T gives you a idea what is required for a heatsink for that cpu at that speed https://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-IOP-64MB-PCI-Processor-Adapter-Card-39J1722/333016661638?epid=1000260180&hash=item4d8956fe86:g:rsIAAOSwxDJcPffp:sc:USPSPriority!33702!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0 this 1 uses a EMPPC740GBUB2330 https://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-2843-9943-PCI-Combined-Function-IOP-Adapter-P-N-53P2609/331336434502?hash=item4d2530c346:g:doEAAOSwEK9ULbIU:rk:20:pf:0
  11. you have tons and tons of cooling options today if heat is that serious for you they sell heatpipes copper sinks etc etc etc and obviously in your case nothing but copper based stuff you should be looking at another version my team uses on amiga is a PCI carrier to PMC powerpc boards you have next to no space for a heatsink since it is sandwiched what a decked out 1GHz 750FX amiga 4000 looks like second card down from top is the PCI carrier with PMC PPC also view of what the cards look like https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Sv9hh1mNNH8/WxxcLVuUTzI/AAAAAAAAPYU/_MGtgDu8nmY6tQ_U
  12. if you plan on making a interposer then you should be looking at 750FX/GX only im adding 1 now to a blizzard ppc which i have way less space than this apple part this is the last guy who tried http://leblogdecosmos.blogspot.com/2018/08/blizzardppc-740.html just fyi there are a few IBM IOP cards all on ebay you can steal 750FX/740 from cheap and the glob top on that chip does not contain heat and it DOES shoot all that heat too PCB which can warp it over time this is fact and will pop BGA pads
  13. its a stupid design that could not scale hence why all others faster are flip chip you can not cool such a chip properly that was just a cheap package all ibm power chips beside that are flip chip as that is the only way to cool any cpu thats is worth using the reason why they chose that was to be cheap and its lower power so it was ok to do its doesnt make it better in anyway like you say it actually is worse due to you sending all that heat into the PCB and surrounding components if you look thats why there is a heatspreader on top of that version to help with its huge di
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