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  1. Hey @LaPorta, this is the exact issue that I am facing on my Classic II that I am trying to source a replacement tube for. I wonder if I don't actually have a bad tube, but just a bad yoke? Only one way to find out, I suppose. Right now, my Classic II just lives on a shelf in my office, where I turn it on to run Flying Toasters in the background of webinars and training videos. I figure that if the tube is not great, I'm okay with stacking up an hour or two a day on it. I get lots of comments - one attendee on a training last week urged me to pull the battery out and r
  2. Thank you for ordering these boards and offering them! As soon as mine arrives, I plan to design a 3D-printable external case for it. I'm thinking that I'll try design it with the Snow White design language in mind. Of course, the final model will be posted for free, but for people without access to a 3D printer, I'll offer printed cases on Etsy. If anyone has any feature requests for such a case, let me know. No promises, but I'd love to hear your ideas!
  3. My Classic II, which is fully recapped, does the same thing. I haven't been able to figure out why.
  4. I recently received an iPhone 5C. Haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Maybe just stick it in the box of iPods for now. Related: After 10 years of Android phones (starting with the T-Mobile G1), I switched the iPhone a few months ago. 2020 iPhone SE has been great, love it.
  5. Worst-case scenario, you find one with a cracked/broken case, and swap everything over!
  6. Dumb question: Can the Raspberry Pi not be powered from the SCSI bus? Forgive me for not combing through the thread to find the answer. I have powered Raspberry Pi's from the GPIO's many times over the years... so I am personally not too concerned about the USB port on the Pi being blocked. If It did need to be powered via MicroUSB... I wonder if some power could be pulled from an ADB port.
  7. I've decided to start offering these on Etsy. You can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/840042244/macintosh-se30-rom-inator-clips Currently, they are only for the Mac ROM-inator II in the white, all-plastic SIMM slot. If there is demand for the black SIMM slot with metal clips, or for versions that work with the stock ROM, let me know and I can make them.
  8. The amount of progress that you've made on this is shocking! When boards and parts are available, I'd love to buy one!
  9. Shut up and take my money! Also, 100 percent ready to design and 3D-print cases. Can make them match our classic Mac aesthetics. Would love the opportunity to work on this.
  10. I have a Shiva/Kinetics Etherport SE in my SE FDHD! Mine does not have a 10BASE-T connector on the daughterboard, but it does have an AUI connector with a CentreCOM 210TS 10BASE-T transceiver. 10BASE-T was well, well before my time in the networking space, but my understanding (and according to Wikipedia) is that 10BASE-T can run in either half-duplex or full-duplex mode. I'm not sure of the specifics, but it does seem like some newer devices don't support half-duplex (one side can talk at a time, think Walkie Talkies) mode. That might be what
  11. I would love to see a tutorial on how to get a "Hello World" on System 6/System 7. If anyone ends up putting together a video, or is willing to jump on a Zoom and walk through it, I'd love to watch. My development experience is pretty thin... I've done a few Arduino projects, and would like to understand how much further I'd need to go to start writing basic applications for 68k Macs.
  12. @switch998 How did the 6115CD part-out go?
  13. +1 for a SCSI2SD v5.1. That's what I am using in my Classic II and SE/30. I buy the one from Inertial Computing that includes an SD card. You don't need a power cable - it will be bus-powered.
  14. @switch998 Thanks for the closure on it, glad that some of it went on to help out another machine. I also thought that the board could be salvageable until I saw the processor pins. Additionally, the top of the processor was not flat, which makes me wonder if it got super hot or something. Hard to say. And yeah, that PSU sounded FULL of rust.
  15. I think we're back to talking about the Apple Djinn.
  16. Sounds like fun. Someone get me an example unit (to borrow), or a gazillion photos with a few measurements for scale, and I can model it up...
  17. Do you need a hand making a set of System 7 floppies from a modern machine?
  18. If the design gets to a point where it's fairly locked-down, I'd be happy to design a 3D-printed enclosure for it. I'll post the files when I'm done. I would just need a PCB and parts list. Here's my resume!
  19. Wow, this is the only post I've ever seen on these forums of a machine being used in production. That is just awesome.
  20. Challenge accepted. Of course, I’d have to borrow one to 3D model.
  21. Yeah... and leaky capacitors certainly will cause problems. All machines of this age are due for new capacitors.
  22. Hey @Unknown_K and @Juror22, unfortunately the entire machine has been claimed. Sorry about that!
  23. Me either, ha! Yeah, I would have too if I had a hot air station! Thanks! This project almost convinced me to look into a hot air station... but I decided that I could get it done with just an iron. Or could I? Read on... First, I decided to clean up the "junk" board for some practice. It will be great to keep around both for parts, and for reference. Next, on the good board, I went crazy with the flux paste. I gotta admit that this part took awhile, and was a bit scary. I had a hard time getting the desolderi
  24. Great news! Despite his screen name, @EvilCapitalist has sent me a parts SE/30 board to scavenge an ASC from. Thank you very much, @EvilCapitalist! Let's have a look at the damage. Yep, Maxell bomb. How about the ASC? That's what we're after here. A bit of corrosion was present, but it looked salvageable to me. I decided to scrub down the whole board with some vinegar to try to stabilize things a bit. I was a bit too vigorous with the toothbrush though, and knocked an IC right off the board. I think this is a RAM muxer?
  25. Congrats on the Color Classic! I think this is a moot point since you have a hot air station... but I now exclusively use the "twist and push" method to remove caps. On the ~6 boards I've done like this, I've only broken one pad off. But like I said, moot point for you... Looking forward to seeing how this one comes together. Would love to see lots of photos (with surrounding context) as I haven't actually seen a Color Classic in person since I was in kindergarten! I've been watching for one... it's the "unicorn" that I've been trying to track down to finish up my compact Mac colle
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