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  1. I might have mousepaint or something like it. Let me look for that. There are also two other ram cards that came with it, one is an Apple brand memory expansion, the one thats in there is a G Ram or something like that (not an apple brand I know that for sure) there is also another ram card like G Plus or something, but it doesnt have very many chips on it, I think just the soldered ones. The computer did boot with both of those cards....but those two test programs would not run. So dont know if that means there wasnt enough memory on the other two cards. But if that is the case, then if I ca
  2. There is a fully loaded RAM expansion card in there, which I believe I saw in one of the GEOS or system information screens that I saw one night, that it has a total of like 1.5 MB of RAM I think that was the GS RAM card.
  3. removed the SCSI card and ram expansion, and still didnt work. In fact, I tried 2 other RAM expansion cards too, but then the programs didnt boot. So that could mean those ram expansion cards didnt work or didnt have enough RAM chips on them to boot the zany golf game or bootup the GEOS 5.x version. So I put the original ram expansion in there, removed the SCSI card, and no difference. The mouse doesnt work in those two programs I keep using as a test.
  4. yeah, I could pull the SCSI card out of there, and give it a whirl
  5. well I tried 3 different ADB keyboard and 3 different ADB mice, and no combination of them ever allowed the mouse to work. So that makes it seem like something on the motherboard must be whacky? I realize this machine is REALLY old, but everything else is working just fine.
  6. there is a separate 9 pin port for the joystick. Its not ADB based.
  7. at least it can play games (that dont require a mouse) and having the extra memory card in there helps too, (and I see dozens of other little memory chips stored in plastic tubes) which look like ram could be added to one of those memory expansion cards. I assume those chips all work, since everything else is in primo shape except the mouse logic on the motherboard.
  8. Yeah, its probably like you said, the motherboard. Especially in light of what you said about their history or problems. Also, just today I think when I have seen them talking about replacing the logic board, they actually meant the ENTIRE motherboard, and not just some little extra logic board that you could like swap out. I will just have to wait to find another good deal on a IIGS motherboard or just the computer It was exciting to get a complete working IIGS with some extra peripheral cards like SCSI cards, RAM expansion cards, external SCSI hard drive, and all th
  9. Yeah, I am trying to make sure I dont need to be loading some mouse drivers, like I had to do on old DOS machines before the mouse would work. Sounds like the ADB mouse should just be working. And its not. No matter what it just seems to be gone I really thought at first that the ADB-USB wombat, would have worked. But if its still running logic through those same chips on the motherboard (when trying to use the mouse) guess it doesnt matter if I am trying to trick it (by using a USB mouse or not). I suppose it makes sense that the hardware on the motherboard would still be doing
  10. I recently picked up an Apple IIgs. Everything is working except the mouse. I even tried using the ADB-USB Wombat (which allows you to connect USB mouse and keyboards to an older Apple computer). And the usb mouse did not work either. The ADB keyboard works fine. The USB keyboard works fine (when hooked up with the ADB-USB) I checked in the IIGS Control Panel (loading during startup of the Apple) and the Slot 4 is set to Mouse (was told it needed to be that way). The motherboard is super clean, and the battery is not exploded, its actually working and has todays date on it
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