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  1. @ZaneKaminski-I would say go with system 7.1 as well. I also like the fact that you've included Lido 7- very useful utility! I would say that you should also include SCSIProbe.....makes for a nice set of SCSI tools.
  2. Hey @ZaneKaminski, Good to see that this project is up and running again! I will also add as far as testing goes, I currently have several accelerators, including a Diimo 030, a Daystar Powercache 030 50mhz, a Sonnet 040, and a MicroMac Carrera040. I also have a Daystar Turbo 040, but I'm currently selling it...I need to as I "accidentally" spent to much money on something else!
  3. Hey @Bendix! All I did was take the Red pin-which is position 2 on the board connector, and the Green pin, which is position 5 on the board connector (Counting off from right to left in this picture) and connected them to the Red pin on the VGA connector (which is pin one) and the Green pin on the VGA connector (which is pin two.) And then I hot glued them in place, for good measure! Hope this helps!
  4. I currently own two of these cards and I wondered, what would happen if you populate the other memory slots? So I tracked down some Micron 24-pin memory chips on eBay, and.....voila! For your extra memory (and money), you get a glorious 16 shades of grey! I was hoping for 256, but I guess 16 is better than nothing. And of course, I did the cable hack:
  5. Also @techknight-After the difficulty that I had replacing the one chip, I've decided to wait on replacing the others until I get a de-soldering gun. Just can't get my hot tweezers in there, and for some reason I wasn't having much luck this time using solder wick and my one-shot solder sucker.
  6. @Bolle - I did. And it appears that it's giving me the same wonky readings. Only question is where would I get new memory chips for this. Their are 16 of them on the board for what I would assume is a total of 1024k, so each chip must be 64k? There are these on eBay, but while they are in the right package, they're not the same: @techknight- It's definitely looking like that!
  7. I tested out the 574 chips and found one that had some odd resistance readings on one of the inputs. So i bought some new old stock SN74ALS574BN chips, and when I finally got them in on Saturday, I soldered one in place of the one I thought was bad. Unfortunately, it didn't work The other problem that I had was with where the chip was; because of it's location I had a hard time getting my hot tweezers around the chip, so I butchered things a little bit when I extracted it-ugh. I did try to remove as much of the solder first using solder wick and a solder sucker, but it still wasn't very s
  8. @Franklinstein-The problem seems to be consistent at any color setting or bit depth. As for resolution, the card only has one output- good old 640 x 480 VGA.
  9. Thanks @Bolle! Also, I have a dumb question: what is the easiest way to test them (I'm assuming while it's running in the computer)? I currently don't have an oscilloscope (But I'm planning on buying one) but i do have a very nice fluke multi-tester.
  10. Thanks @Bolle. I'll take a look for the schematic that you posted. A bad Mux.....that makes sense. Hopefully that's it, and not one of the VRAM chips.
  11. Funny seeing this this-I just got done recapping one of my Apple CD 300's! Listening to a Led Zeppelin CD with it right now. With mine, the caps were so bad that electrolytic goop was underneath and around each one that I took off of the board. I second @superjer2000-a good recapp is possibly all that it needs!
  12. Hello everyone, As I sit here in my electronics room/Zoom office, I figured I'd ask a question. I have a Micron Xceed 306 video card that I bought off of eBay about a month ago. The good news is that it somewhat works; but that's the bad news as well! Half of the displayed video (The lower half displayed on the screen) is (somewhat) alright, but the upper-half of the video has vertical lines going through it, giving the displayed image a jagged appearance. So I took an educated guess at what the problem might be, and replaced the two Sigmatel 74F82n chips, which from what I
  13. @SE30_Neal-Are you looking for some more screen realestate? It's not much, but I do have a Radius pivot SE/30 card that I did the modification to so that it can at least display in 4 color/shades of Grey. The only problem with it, of course, is that it scrunches the video a bit. PM me if you're interested! On a different note, I'm finding Zoom to be quite useful....maybe we could all have a giant Zoom meeting on this site someday.
  14. @techknight- I'm honestly not sure. But as I've replace most of the parts that supply power to different parts of the board, I'm hoping that it just keeps working. So far, so good! @SE30_Neal-Where I live in the U.S. is definitely similar to the U.K. I live in the five college area in Massachusetts in Northampton....and everything here is shut down. So far it seems to be working; in my state, the spread of the virus seems to have been dramatically slowed. On the plus side, I am getting really good at using Zoom!
  15. @SE30_Neal Thanks! I use this for a bunch of stuff as well, including writing, and even Photoshop (It will run Photshop 4 with reasonable speed, especially with the 128mb of RAM). And all of the extra screen real estate is nice, especially if I'm working on an excel spreadsheet. My only regret is that it doesn't do color, although I wonder if there is a way to make it do 256 colors; after all, the minimalistic splash screen that it starts up with is in color. I guess now that I'm gonna be spending a whole lot of time at home I'll take a look at it.
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