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  1. @nottomhanks-I do have working wireless! I'm using a vonets VM300 adapter that plugs into my Asante Ethernet clone/adapter (compliments of Bolle!). You can use iCab for your browser, although I seem to have good luck with Netscape 4.04 as well. I followed the instruction here for the setup:
  2. I couldn't find it, at least checking the usual sources.....including the Macintosh Repository and Macintosh Garden. They do have files, but they were incomplete. And I really had my heart set on making it work with my SE/30 setup....which it now does!
  3. Wow! That's impressive. I've got a similar (albeit messy) setup, just without a Micron Xceed card (I'm using an Interware VDR-2a). The nice thing is that I've been able to get my color display as a primary, giving me the ability to use vintage software that requires a monitor that displays at least 256 colors: I've
  4. Hello All, I've had an Apple Color OneScanner (600/27 model) for a few years now. However, I was never able to get it working until recently because I didn't have the right software. And what I found on the Macintosh Repository was incomplete. Sooo, I waited on eBay. And when I finally saw a pair of OneScanner floppy disks for sale, I bought them, finally giving me the software needed to make my 600/27 actually work. And because I know I'm not the only that has had trouble finding software that works for these scanners, I've uploaded it here: https://www.
  5. www.acme.com still works. Also, I use a paid service for my email-Fastmail. And with them, I get 5gb of server storage, which also has a cool built in feature for building basic websites-that seem to work alright with my Mac SE/30 using Netscape 4.04. Here's a shot of one of my pages, complete with pictures that I took from a local theater called the Victory theater that they are trying to bring back from the dead:
  6. I have an update for those who are interested! I recently purchased one of Bolle's adapters that contains an Asante ethernet card; I don't know why, but that alone seems to have help a little bit. However, with my Interware Grand Vimage 24-16, it still wouldn't work they way that i wanted it to, i.e. on some games and programs, the computer would simply tell me that it doesn't see the color screen. So I swapped out the 24-16 for another Interware Video card that I have- an Interware VDR-2a. And just like magic, it works! Here are a few screen shots: The
  7. A very nice find indeed! My suggestion for a video card: go with an Interware GrandVimage 24-16....well, if you can find one! I got lucky and found one on Yahoo Japan. It's pretty awesome because not only can it display millions of colors at a variety of resolutions (like 1024 x 768), but it also accelerates your video...which is nice if you want to use your SE/30 to play games and watch videos!
  8. Tried that....and it doesn't work either. There must be some piece of code that instructs an individual game to look for the appropriate video adapter/monitor, because some games work well, like "Wolfenstein: 3D": Or Maelstrom: And then others, like "The 7th Guest" or "Return to Zork", don't.
  9. I have the external monitor set as the main display, but it still keeps checking the internal monitor, at least for this game. Weird....
  10. Hello everyone! Anyways, I have a bunch of cool old games and software that I like to use with my SE/30 setup, which with this machine includes a Grand Vimage 24-16 video card. The problem is is that sometimes it will see and work with the color monitor....and sometimes it won't. For example, I tried to play the 7th Guest on my SE/30, and got this message: Despite the message, it has a color screen set to 256 colors! It just won't see it for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. You could use either a wire wheel or a wire brush to remove the corrosion down to the bare metal. If that doesn't work well enough, you could also try sanding it with some fine sand paper (I'd probably start with something like 100 grit.). After you've cleaned it up, you could then apply a clear coat to it. Won't look quite the same, but it will look better than it does now!
  12. @tommijazz91-Thanks! In addition the the 30-50F, I also just won an Interware CV 40-40 booster that should show up here in a few weeks. When it does and I get around to testing it, I will definitely make a post about it! In the meantime, I would be curious to know if anyone else here has an Interware 30-50F and what they think of it.
  13. So I've been browsing/buying Mac stuff on Yahoo Japan for over a year now, and I have to say it is amazing how much old Mac stuff is routinely for sale on it! My latest item that I bought is this: an Interware 68030 accelerator, with the original box.....for only $100! Well, at least that was the auction price, it was roughly another $40 to get it to me from Japan. But still, considering that the same style Daystar 68030 routinely goes for $400 or more, I was amazed! The accelerator runs at 50mhz and has both an CPU and FPU. I used Bolle's adapter to test it out;
  14. Looks awesome! What kind of games are you planning on developing?
  15. I have a method for moving big files that usually works well, but like all of the other ones here, it does require a few steps. Also, your receiving computer will have to have a SCSI2SD drive. 1.) Download the file using the computer of your choice; many times, I will download files simply using one of my Windows 10 machines. 2.) Transfer the files to a "bridge" computer-in my case, I use a 2002 Powerbook G4 with OS 10; Use a method that best suits you to transfer the files (I simpl
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