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  1. I got it to boot off the external scsi drive. You have to set it in Control Panel -> Startup Disk and select your external drive. And then the next boot up it boots from the external drive.
  2. I found the Powerbook 140 and 170 Developers Note. It's a 30 pin cable.
  3. Hi Parrotgeek1, Yeah, I think a better strategy is replacing the SCSI drives with CF or SD flash drives. Something I'd like to do eventually. But I watched video online about HD repair and watched a guy remove the PCB and check continuity between PWR and GND pins (on the connectors) and then proceed to check continuity on the diodes. If I understand it correctly, if there isn't resistance between PWR and GND (and the multimeter beeps) then there's a short. Diodes protects against a reverse polarity charge. So if a diode gets burnt then
  4. Another thing, are there references to pinouts for these SCSI drives? I found this: http://vintagemacmuseum.com/reading-powerbook-2-5-scsi-hard-drives/ But it's confusing about the number of pins. The PB140 has got a 40 pin cable. 4 pins on the disk are not connected. So an adapter for 54 pins to 50 pins SCSI suggests otherwise. I've also got a PB165 but it's got a full width cable (50 pins). The cable (50 pin) fits the drive fine.
  5. Just a stab in the dark, I got a PB140 the other day (in an AS-IS basis) and surprisingly it works. But it won't boot from the hard drive. So I took it apart and poked around (after watching a few videos online). From what I can tell power is reaching the actuator arm and spindle (when I use a screwdriver to move the spindle in the centre) it seems to jump a bit (when connected with power). If I'm not mistaken, then that means that the PCB on the disk isn't sending commands to the disk? So the disk isn't spinning at startup. I'm trying to figure out
  6. I have the same problem. What I've been able to deduce so far is, If the HDI30 connector that goes into the laptop has 29 pins (i.e. the pin on the bottom right is missing) then it's a non-disk mode cable connector. That one pin will set the computer in disk mode. So you want to use a cable with 29 pins. However, if you have a scsi dongle (with a dock/scsi switch on it), then dock on means that the laptop will detect that one pin (i.e. disk mode will be set). So you want the dongle to be set for scsi. If you look in MacOS, scsi probe app, you'll se
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