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  1. Board #13 has been with me a little while, Can't wait to start populating it!
  2. UTSource have the chips used: https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/6715600.html Also new but they are -A12 parts not the -A10's seen on this dimm (Presumably a slower speed? I can't easily find the datasheet for these chips) https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/602303.html
  3. Today was frustrating to say the least! I intended to replace the GPU a 900Mhz 14" iBook to give a side by side comparison of if reballing chip gives any read advantage over reflowing with the type of use these iBooks are likely to get these days, Simple enough, I have done this kind of rework plenty of times before with little bother. So I heated the chip up the the point I expected the solder to melt at, and it wouldn't budge. I heated it some more, still nothing. Eventually I got the board so hot it popcorned, with the chip still seeming to not wanting to budge, at this point I ju
  4. My experience with shipping to the US recently is you often get long periods (week+) of no tracking movement, then suddenly it turns up in the US somewhere and starts moving
  5. Unfortunately with the NVIDIA chips in the non-ub MBP's (Or AMD in the case of the 2011 UB ones) actually go bad, and the chips haven't been made in years you can only get junk pulled chips that likely have exactly the same issue your original chip had. My experience with the 2011's is replacing the chip might get you another year but it'll die again in the end and I would expect the older Non-UB ones would be the same. With he 2011's you can at lest disable the GPU and they are still quite useable on the intel graphics, its also worth noting the late 2008 - 2010 ones have one cap
  6. Haha, yeah these are not fun to take apart, but hey, I got it back together and only have 4 screws left over! It might be interesting to try, especially f the chips you have are the 1Ghz versions, I knida like the idea of a 1Ghz iBook G3 As a side note, i just found one of me test iBooks actually works fine, I hate it when I buy broken stuff in good faith and find it actually works fine! Guess it's back to eBay to find another dead one...
  7. We have chips! I'll replace the GPU on at least one of the other two iBooks I have left to experiment with and see how the reliability of the two compares long term. Just waiting on UTSource to confirm if these have been reballed with leaded or lead free balls before I get to soldering them
  8. It's been a few years, but IIRC it works with 800K disks so presumably single sided ones would work too, MFS ones would be image only with disk copy of course. In the end the firmware downgrade was not needed, turns out the floppy driver is in the Mac OS ROM file not the firmware so as long as you have a supported Mac OS ROM the drive works, IIRC 1.1.5 is the latest to have the driver and that will work with Mac OS versions up to 8.6. We never got it working in 9.0 IIRC. ( @dougg3 did try making a extension to load them but it didn't work and we never ended up figuring out why)
  9. Mainly because I hate reballing big chips Also it might be a little hard to find the correct stencils for these older chips I do have a batch of the Radeon 7500 chips coming form UTSource (they are used chips but I'm wiling to pay the ~$5 each they where asking for someone else to have done the reballing) so I might end up just replacing the chips on the other couple of iBooks I have left to fix
  10. A recent thread on here got me interested in the snow iBook G3's again, more specifically their main long term reliability issue: Their GPU's I have had many iBooks over the years and a good number of them have had the GPU issue, over the years I have tried many methods of "fixing" them (Shims, Heatguns and blowtorches to name but a few!) with no long term success The snow iBooks are somewhat unusual as laptop GPU issues go in that the issue is usually cracked solder joints under the chip rather than the chip its self being bad so, in theory at least, reflowing the GPU should be a lo
  11. You need to modify the updater for the old version (assuming it is available) to do this, there should be a list of older firmware versions somewhere within the updater and if you replace one of them with the current version it should run. We did this with the iMac G3 firmware a few years ago while we where trying to get the FDD port working in newer builds of Mac OS. It iMac is a new world mac, i'm not sure if the pismo is new or old world but I assume the same process should work on the old world mac's I'll have a look and see if I can find the old thread detailing the steps
  12. Ok, this thread has got me interested in the iBook G3's again, I just brought 2 more on ebay as well as a third I got some weeks ago to do some GPU repair experimentation. Also brought a few Radeon 7500 chips form UTSource in case the chips are actually bad. I'll have to find a cheap generic hot air nozzle though as Hakko want £75 for the correct one for my rework station!
  13. I love the white iBooks, particularly the original "ice white" design. I actually ran a iBook G3 (Well, several if we are being technical here) as a daily driver up until 2010 ish when my parents brought me a second hand '08 non-ub MBP, I then continued taking the laptop to school for a couple more years. Yes they had GPU issues (hence the "several") But as others have mentioned plenty of other laptops, Apple and PC, have had similar issues and don't get the bad rep My personal experience is the first gen, 500mhz, ice white iBooks are pretty reliable. I haven't personally seen the
  14. this might seem really simply - but have you tried pushing the ROM stick into the slot? My IIx has a bad ROM SIMM Slot and often won't make contact with the SIMM (Especially the modern ones which tend to be a thinner 1.2mm PCB whereas the original ones where 1.27mm) when it is not making contact I get the exact same symptoms as you are getting here
  15. If only I could get my hands on a Q700 Only ever seen a few for sale in the UK and they're usually ridiculously priced when they do come up!
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