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  1. It was the video card being an ass. It's too ancient to know about VGA and LCD, and thus proclaims its ignorance by showing attitude. As techfury90 said, something about the monitor sense pins in the db15-vga dongle not being to the video card's liking.
  2. Update on the Mac II! Since a picture supposedly speaks a thousand words, I'll let these 3 pictures save me from having to type up a 3000-word post IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Contents of the disk.The 5 folders/files at the bottom of the disk's window were put in by me, the others were what was already there. Anyone played any of those games? I should really check for resident viruses *glares at nVIR* before launching and checking out apps!!
  3. Mac II Initial state (as acquired): Something was rattling inside - turned out to be just one of the floppy slot blanks - now returned to its proper location Does not power up from either the keyboard or the power switch Does not appear to have leaky caps Original factory batteries - not leaked Original 40MB HDD - 5.25" half height Quantum ------- Chimes when 3.6v applied to PSU sense line Appears to be booting from its HDD No video - tested the Toby card in my 7100, no output either. techfury90 on IRC mentioned that it could be an issue with the DB15-VGA dongle, but I don't have an
  4. A missing power cord would be no hassle as they are relatively easy to procure, but... Is it missing its RAM and SCSI disk, or its RAM and SCSI cable?
  5. 68Ks can run ASIP? I was under the impression that the last version of AppleShare that supported 68k ('040) was AppleShare 4.0.2, which isn't IP. Correct me if I'm wrong!
  6. Mac Pro 1st gen - MacPro1,1 2x 2.66GHz Dualcore Xeon (Woodcrest) 250GB - Stock HDD Stock SuperDrive 2GB DDR2-667 FBDMM in 4x512MB config - seems to be as shipped from Apple; added 2x2GB modules for a total of 6GB. Shipped in September 2007 - according to shipping label on box Both were purchased as a bundle. Both boxes are the original boxes - matching serial number on the label and all. Why am I so anal about little things like this?! It will make a good counterpart to an SE/30 with box that I bought last week, but hasn't been shipped out yet. The vintage Mac collection
  7. Is the IIfx up for sale?! You can keep the Radius Rocket... Pleaseeeee say yes... and PM meh~ *hopeful*
  8. ... and I thought my 7100 was a rust bucket!
  9. @Trag: Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I'll do that after I've finished exorcising the logicboard of any icky gray powdery dust. I've fixed a G4 MDD tower that was howling non-stop, along with an iMac G4 with random lockups by re-applying the thermal paste ^^ @tt: Just general cautiousness... if I were me, I sure as hell wouldn't make off with such a rusty and obsolete machine... Furthermore, the grime on it would've stained my shirt black, thus making myself an easy target for the cops...
  10. Griffin iMic, cheap generic Chinese USB audio dongle. Although they only work in X and not 9...
  11. I was at the junkyard on a mission to acquire a P4 system when out of the corner of my eye, stacked up high above piles of obsolete lab equipment... A wild 7100/80 appeared! Go Screwdriver! Screwdriver dismantled the wild 7100/80 and found no missing parts! The wild 7100/80 sits motionlessly! Screwdriver, come back! Go, Power Cord! Power Cord used Mains Power! The wild 7100/80 chimes! The wild 7100/80 boots up Mac OS 8! Power Cord, unplug! Go, Wallet! Wallet used Money Attack! Wallet lost $16 in banknotes! Congratulations! The wild 7100/80 w
  12. The 733 MHz with no L3 is the lowest-end of the QS2001s, while 800MHz with no L3 is the lowest-end of the QS2002s.
  13. Bingo! Don't forget the redundant PSUs too! The cheap USB audio device pops, cackles and buzzes A LOT and it's driving me crazy. Need a Griffin iMic ASAP! Also, I need to figure out how to position the thing so I can both use it and admire the blinkenlights at the same time. It's too deep for any of my tables
  14. I find it strange that that PowerMac was assembled in my country (and then presumably shipped off to USA) Wouldn't it have been cheaper for Apple to have assembled it in the States instead of doing it here and then having it shipped halfway across the world? Considering that these machines are heavy desktops and no PowerBooks! Especially since that I have another machine of around the same vintage, the very first Xserve G4, Assembed in USA, factory code XB. It is certainly weird.
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