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  1. How is yours coming along? I’m interested to see pictures of how you mounted your SCSI2SD. I’m trying to find the optimal way for mine.
  2. Well, wouldn't ya know it...re-soldering the connections between those transistors and using flux/cleaning to remove the grit from the traces solved the issue! The contrast works perfectly now. Thank you, Techknight, for pointing me in that direction,
  3. You, sir, may be one of the only persons that actually sees that message and has a real problem! The cache thing makes sense: if there is something looking for it, and it isn't there, that would happen. However, for most of us, seeing that message means that the machine had no clue what happened. That message was the absolute last in the list of errors that Apple had to display for issues. Therefore, if the machine could not find an appropriate reason for why there was a crash, that error was displayed, as it was the last in the list!
  4. So I checked those two tiny transistors. One shows a voltage drop of .75, the other of .92. Is that .92 one out of spec, should it read as the other? Where would you find replacements for this tiny thing?
  5. Ok thanks that’s no problem, I appreciate all of your help this far.
  6. I’d appreciate it if you could walk me through this, where the components are, etc...if you have the time.
  7. Not that I’m an expert by any means here...but why should the FPU lack cause this? I am not aware of any necessity that any Finder calls might need of the FPU since it runs fine on non-FPU Macs. You aren’t trying to runsoftware that requires an FPU I assume.
  8. I did a little fooling around last night while installing my SCSI2SD. I noticed that a distinct, low-level hum comes from the LCD itself, and the pitch of this hum changes when the contrast slider is adjusted. To me, that means one of two things: something on the main board is causing that, or there is a part behind the screen that is causing it. This is no different than what you said before, techknight, but I was hoping that it might indicate that the issue was indeed behind the screen so I could start there.
  9. It looks like this is long term and a large learning curve for me...I have no oscilloscope, nor have I ever used one! Thank you very much for walking through this with me.
  10. I've never checked transistors before, though I have a basic knowledge of how they work. What is it I am looking for? The caps you are talking about I am assuming are the tiny SM caps that we don't usually replace. Also, if the transistors are not functioning properly, are drop-in replacements available?
  11. Thank you! I had started another thread with a video of what it looks like in another thread before I saw this.
  12. What thread was this that he wrote all of that in? I must have missed it.
  13. Hi everyone, Attached is the video of what I have been describing. Rolling lines upwards when the contrast is adjusted. I recall this happening over 17 years ago when I first got the machine, so it’s not due to anything I have replaced recently. I’m not sure why this occurs, and it is worse than it looks in the video. When the contrast is up, it disappears, and when it is all the way down, it is gone too. It seems like it’s some sort of interference. Good thing is i leave the contrast up so I dont see it...but I hate things not working properly. any insight?
  14. Mine does indeed come and go it isn’t even that noticeable.
  15. I noticed the same...funny, I was exploring it last night. Sounds a little scratchy, only after startup. I noticed that after playing a sound, however, it disappears. is this the same you experience? P.S. - my SCSI2SD showed up, but not the adapter yet. Is yours powered straight through the SCSI connection?
  16. By far and away too difficult for me to do.
  17. I’ll have to inquire on a separate thread. Enjoy yours :).
  18. Glad to hear it all worked out! Still waiting on mine. Question for you: do you have a similar contrast issue to me? That is, if it is set to anything but full or minimal contrast, there are rolling lines going up the screen at different rates depending on where you have the contrast adjusted? Or is that unique to me?
  19. For my multi-computer setup in the basement, I have an old Airport Express that I use as a bridge between my wireless network. So far as my iMac G4 and PT Pro know, they are hard-wired into the rest of the network.
  20. I took a look at the thread that Gorgonops referenced. It looks like that guy was trying hard to do some crazy mods to get a 1080 LCD packed into the Portable. All I'm attempting to do is get some sort of VGA-style output, but it looks like that would be really involved. I am lucky that before I knew all of this, I didn't ruin the LCD monitor that I have by hooking it up accidentally :).
  21. So far as I can see in the KB from Apple: https://support.apple.com/kb/TA45501?locale=en_US This line is the most interesting: "Sayett Technology's DataShow, an overhead viewplate that connectsdirectly to the Portable's Video Out port" Apparently this device actually did work with the video port. If anyone knows where to find one is another story...
  22. You did a great job on that!
  23. Alternatively, you can get SCSI2SD set up, get the SD card in it, and then if you have another disk with Lido, etc on it, you could format it right there.
  24. I ordered one, as well as a v 5.1 SCSI2SD to use with it. We will see how it goes! I'll be modifying the original HD tray to use it.
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