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  1. Whatever you do, don't do that....that isn't a VGA port on the back of the Portable.
  2. I'm fairly certain that if you manage to pull this off, you will be in the Mac Hall of Fame.
  3. I'm glad it went to someone who is dedicated to making sure it is preserved and possibly making more.
  4. Hmm it has been a while since I made that...let me see what it was I said, and ill get back to you!
  5. Here you are, my friend: https://www.amazon.com/Corning-Molykote-Synthetic-Lubricant-Container/dp/B00B51C76I/ref=sr_1_1?crid=7VLUJ6MT59AS&dchild=1&keywords=em-30l&qid=1616627472&sprefix=EM-30%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-1
  6. Just as the others said, it’s just a time-consuming process. Usually, one side has better heat transfer than the others. Also, cutting it out first helped because then the chip wasn’t acting as a huge heat sink.
  7. I had a similar issue. What I did with my Quadra 630 was run a SCSI2SD off the CD-ROM SCSI bus. It was the easiest thing I could rig up that worked well.
  8. Just for reference, here is the thread of my bombed out restoration: I believe it is the third page that shows where I took the SCC out and found the crud waiting on the board.
  9. I appreciate it. I figure I will just keep the thing in my ESD-bag graveyard until it is unearthed by researchers in 2239 someday..
  10. I found one of these in a 1400. Does the extra VRAM actually help with the internal screen, or is it kind of pointless?
  11. As an addendum, a very generous member here traded me for a NuPower G3 233 and 64MB RAM equipped CS with a bad screen. I installed the extra RAM and the G3 in mine...works great!
  12. You know, its gotten to the point that when I receive a machine that has a Sony drive, I don't even turn it on before opening the floppy drive. I figure if I clean and lube it beforehand, the gear won't crack!
  13. I am glad you found and have such an awesome machine, especially since it is so unique. This has a definite place in history! I think you should use this machine for Bolo when you are done with it ;). P.S. - I really, really miss The Computer Museum. I used to go as a kid. All I have now is the AppleDesign book I purchased there when I was younger (Amazing how that book has shot up in price and desirability, as well).
  14. Another thing to be aware of: crud can easily hide under the SCC. On my Maxell bombed one, there was a through-hole via that was corroded and electrically non-conductive that was hidden under the SCC. A lot of crud was there. I ordered replacements on eBay, hacked out the old one, and installed the new one after fixing the via.
  15. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but the same things will happen to these boards without them being recapped. It is only a matter of time.
  16. Let me find the thing and I’ll get some photos going.
  17. The above is why classic Mac OS will always be my favorite.
  18. Could be the PSU (as in my case), or possibly even logic board issues. With the soft power on circuit, if the motherboard is not working properly for whatever reason (power circuit degraded, etc), then the power supply won't turn on at all to begin with. One thing you can do if you get no noise, fan, etc, is to plug the PSU in, have the connector to the logic board unplugged, and measure the yellow wire with a multimeter for volts DC to ground. That wire should be carrying a +5v trickle current to enable the soft power on circuit. If even that is not present, it is the PSU. If it is, that does
  19. Interesting. I think I have one of these for a Mac Plus with a Killy clip over the 68000. Never really knew what it was or how to get it to work. Perhaps you guys know...
  20. Oh I figured it out....not as slick as you, but I did
  21. Try making a new text document with TextEdit, use Save As..., and see what the options are!
  22. Believe it or not, not so easy on macOS. Way, way back, TextEdit lost the function to create plain text files, but can edit them. I used MSW to make the file.
  23. Yes, anthon helped me sort it out. Also, kind of annoying you cant just make them with text edit....grr.
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