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  1. Hi everyone, i have finally decided to haul out my Macintosh II, which I acquired on New Year’s Eve, 2000 (for a little background). It once worked, but slowly bit the dust about eight years ago. I finally have time, resources, and equipment to work on it. first, I know I need new batteries. Second, a few traces appear damaged by cap goop. Third, all the electrolytic need replacing. does anyone have a good diagram for what caps are what? The surface mount ones have no labels at all. Can’t start without that. Also, any good resource for replacing the soldered
  2. I have to ask...where are you getting all of this from???
  3. I certainly didn’t think it was gouging, just amazed that there is that much of a market. For instance, there could be only two of something left, but if no one cares or wants it, it isn’t going to command a very high price. So, there must be some demand. As for your SCSI/FW comment, I’ve already got that covered: PowerTower Pro with FW PCI card (which only cost $10). Swiss Army knife!
  4. It's neat to find an example of some of the first machines to employ multiple processors, even if they did not implement it within the OS the way they do today.
  5. If you have a 1.4 MB drive for the IIgs, you are golden. Otherwise, there is no USB drive in existence that will write 800ks. You will still need an old Mac.
  6. That’s an awesome find. I wish I had a Duo Dock.
  7. I see that Jasmine went out of business in 1991. Probably bought out by APS then. Here is a cool article about their drives: https://www.appleworld.today/blog/2015/5/14/throwback-thursday-that-affordable-2795-300mb-hard-drive
  8. Not necessarily. The FW to SCSI converter I have requires nothing. In fact, it is two-way. You can have FW drives (small enough) show up on a classic Mac. Heck, I once got a Mac Classic's internal HD to show up on my iMac!
  9. I was going to disassemble one and pop it into a case w/SCSI2SD. Bam: dual interface drive that can be read by a classic and modern Mac.
  10. I've already got a SCSI to FW converter from way back when...I just didn't know it was that valuable. I simply chalked it up to bloat. For instance, people here sell things for reasonable prices. Similarly, a separate hobby of mine (I own a pinball machine), many times has people trying to sell a machine on eBay for $3k, while people in the know in a community will gladly sell/buy it for $1500. I figured similar forces were at work here.
  11. Just out of curiosity, checked for SCSI to FW converters on eBay and day prices in the $350 range...what gives? They can’t be that rare!
  12. Where does one obtain said non-leaking caps? What sort of price differential is there? Do they also look OEM?
  13. I do not know if Jasmine was acquired by APS, but the case design there is a straight duplication of the Jasmine hard drive that I have (and other Jasmines I've seen). Very nice find! The extra switched outlets are always a welcome feature.
  14. Exactly. You can copy what you need to the SD card on the modern computer, then use it to work with the devices on the Plus. Read up on it here: https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/ probably your best bet.
  15. To my knowledge, the V5 works better with early generation (I.e. Mac Plus) hardware.
  16. That's really nice! How are you powering it? Is the Micro USB port accessible? It didn't look like it in the picture. Heck, I hooked mine up to a gutted internal SCSI ribbon cable that had a female 50 pin connector at the end, to a cable that had 50-25 pin ends...worked fine. I had similar issues that you did, and enabling Apple mode also solved my problems. How did you make that enclosure...and can we order them?
  17. That's a lot of nice stuff :). There's two things you can do. One is to use the intermediary machine. Yes, it needs to be an older Mac with SuperDrive and ethernet/internet network capability. The reason is that you need to be able to get disk images onto the intermediary machine from the internet, or, if that is too difficult, from a modern machine (PC or Mac) via AFP/SMB or FTP (whatever works). You could also use AppleTalk networking to move files back and forth between the intermediary and the Mac Plus instead of floppies, but this would leave you with pretty much the same grou
  18. Likely need an intermediary machine...one that has a SuperDrive, but can also connect to Ethernet/internet. Everyone has a different strategy. A gray PowerMac G3 running MacOS 8.6 for instance could fit the bill.
  19. In that case you will need 800k disks. I can find one to spare for a small cost (replacement), and shipping. No problem! Likely cost beans for the small size.
  20. Just need some email addresses to send it to. PM me.
  21. Well, what kind of setup do you have? If you are able to make your own disks from images, I'll just send them over to you tonight via email.
  22. I had an Ehman external HD back when (power supply failed; still have the HD itself). I have the genuine Ehman utility disks; I can certainly make copies for you if you like.
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