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  1. Hey guys, My Rev. A iMac that I got new in 98 I also purchased an iPort for at the time. For those who do not know, it was a card that fit in the little slot in the iMac that was not really used for anything else and added a regular serial port beneath the USB and other ports. I have no plans to sell or remove it, I just was wondering for those that know: how rare is this thing exactly? I never saw it out in the wild anywhere else.
  2. The other issue with running DC on an SE/30 is that some animations do not work (i.e. the fire in the fireplace in BDC does not move on the SE/30). Must be something with the 030.
  3. Please if you can show us a screen shot of the error. Likely, it is the usual error message about memory allocation. First, DC/BDC were designed to play on the 68000 and the were written in assembly language. They use a minimal, custom System file to boot the machine and run (usually). Using other systems is haphazard and can create memory address issues, especially machines that run in 32-bit mode with more than 8 MB RAM. The only way I know to reliably fix this is to play the game on original 68000 hardware that can run the custom System file that DC/BDC came with. It is likely that System f
  4. So I fired the propellant at every last capacitor I could find. There was one set that having fired it at made the issue all that much worse...but that was it. Nothing actually made it better or corrected it. I suppose that area is where I should concentrate my resoldering efforts.
  5. It is possible that the Bournes filters have gone bad. If you have a copy of The Dead Mac Scrolls, there is a tutorial on how to ascertain what might be the issue.
  6. One thing for certain: the battery runs literally everything. The adapter simply charges the battery. If the SCSI, etc is not working, it isn’t a lack of pure power.
  7. Yes, having a very sharp focus on electronics (as in your video) makes it so that I am looking at it with my own eyes (my still mid-30s eyes betray me, I suppose), and not like it's really far away. I can learn a thing or two from you there.
  8. Very nice video, indeed! How do you get the focus as crisp as you do? I need that for videos I may make as well.
  9. Alright...time to start the hunt this week! Thanks for the insight. Then I suppose try and resolder, and if that fails replace.
  10. Will do. Time to get some compressed air... The design does not lend itself to getting underneath the board, but just firing the propellant at the actual component should suffice, yes?
  11. All that greenish stuff on the leads of the surrounding components is the result of the leaking capacitors. That stuff needs to be cleaned up, and the caps replaced.
  12. Alright, so I did a little more fooling around. So there are the two main issues: one: screen is at times wobbly, then instead of that the screen gets incredibly dark. Turning up the cutoff produces the usual bright white screen/lines of other screens, but it does nothing to make the actual picture brighter. the brightness comes and goes: the picture is otherwise incredibly crisp, the screen's image looks basically brand new. There does not seem to be a loose connection: playing with connectors/wires around the flyback, rear video board, and anode do not seem to make any difference. Sometimes
  13. I performed the recap. Now I am having a whole host of other issues. Sound cuts in and out/hisses. Monitor speakers are recognized/sounds plays from them on and off. Screen flickers bright and dark on and off as well, though there is a good, sharp image. The unit does not appear to degauss when powered up. I ruled out bad power from the 6100's power jack, as I connected it directly to AC. All caps I installed tester good with my ESR meter. I have not a clue how in the world I could have caused this issue. I do have video available of just what the heck happens, but I cannot upload it here due
  14. Also, those corroded areas between the RAM chips could definitely be leading to some sort of short. Fortunately, 256k - 1MB SIMMs seem to be quite plentiful, and people here are usually willing to trade/sell them.
  15. That is helpful. My SE looked similar, although there was only one rust spot, not two like yours. I had a very tough time getting it to work, and eventually found out that there was a corroded via underneath the SCC chip that needed repair. I was unable to desolder the chip, so I had to hack it out and get a replacement. I pretty much had to look at a radius of where the goop was before I cleaned to track where it might still be lurking. My thread was here if you'd like to look for reference: EDIT: I did not see your request for the board until now. I am keeping it
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