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  1. Fizz, I like your methodology. I am currently looking through United Chemi-Cons stuff, to closely match the series (the series are old, so no longer made). Low impedance as like you said, switchers cycle really fast. I'll bet you are onto something: I will bet that as the current switches back and forth, there is a ton of impedance in one of the parts I have which is why it only lasts a minute or so on before it quits. I'm no electronics person, but I would venture that is a possibility. I'm ordering from mouser now myself. I really like your chart: thank you for that, huge for fut
  2. well I haven't actually destroyed anything, thankfully. I do clean as well, and I do remove one by one and recheck. I certainly can't install one, reinstall the supply, test, then take it out again. That would be ideal, but as a busy physician, husband, and father of three, that would literally take me weeks. Not to mention, if I waited another decade until they are older to do this, no doubt some of my boards will have become toast due to electrolyte. So, I suppose I will have to just order other caps closer to these. It is in this way that I have learned just how sensitive power
  3. Well, I suppose now I am going to change my strategy. I will remove all caps, document, THEN look them up by series. I have a feeling these PSUs are very, very finicky with the tolerances of the caps.
  4. I can’t believe it. I recapped the good power supply. Result? It now doesn’t work either! I think I am done recapping power supplies. They are just too temperamental. I feel like such an absolute failure.
  5. Trust me, I am still working on my 8100, through two power supplies. Have two good working motherboards thankfully, just finishing the darn power supply.
  6. It said on the site no kits were available, and it was not known if it when they would be again. They said to get on a waiting list.
  7. Finding a large quantity of 800ks might be challenging.
  8. It appears no AppleSauces are available to buy any more (I missed the boat on that one). It utilizes some sort of clever scheme where it needs to start up from the System on it's disk, and somehow the system makes all other disks appear that they have no space and nothing can be copied to/from them. I have never seen anything like it. It does that to the internal HDs as well. I would love to get an AppleSauce.
  9. That is just amazing! Is there a count somewhere as to how many arrows you have left?
  10. Apparently, I accidentally named this "write-protected"...of course, I meant copy-protected.
  11. I know people here have various methods of defeating disk copy protection of various schemes. For instance, I just came into possession of a good copy of the game Balance of Power for the Mac 128k, and I would like to archive it for everyone because there seems to not be a copy on Macintosh Garden of the English version. Am I able to do this at all, or does someone with an AppleSauce or some other kind of fanciness need access to the disk?
  12. I believe you can use ResEdit on the system to edit these, something like that.
  13. You can use this as a drop-in Portable battery replacement. It’s basically the original cells from the original manufacturer in a different package. It firs physically, you just need to rig some sort of extension for the contacts: https://www.batteriesplus.com/battery/sla-sealed-lead-acid/6/hawk0809=0012
  14. Yes, v5 is perfect. v6 is overkill for a SE. I have a v5.1 in my SE FDHD - works beautifully. Here is the post where I mounted one in mine.
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