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  1. Indeed, the 1400's kb is the best there is. While I love the trackball on my 160, the keyboard is disappointing... better than the Dell Inspiron's, roughtly on par with the iBook clamshell's, can't hold a candle to the 1400's imho.
  2. Ejecting the floppy before turning the unit off is the way to go. The Mac can't corrupt a floppy that isn't in it's drive.
  3. Maybe this will help? http://preterhuman.net/texts/computing/Apple_Service_PDF/68k_Macintosh/color_classic.pdf
  4. I would say the same... boot to OS 9, trash everything X and be done with it. Or are we missing something here? I do have Tiger on my iMac and while not exactly snappy, it runs pretty good. 500mhz, 512mb RAM, 80gb HD. Maybe you're short on RAM? I use Safari 3 for web browsing, anything newer (Safari 4, Firefox 3) feels too sluggish.
  5. I changed the HD in mine. Disassembling a clamshell does takes time but is quite easy. I would follow beachycove's advice and perform the checks, it just might solve your problem.
  6. Makes sense, I'm going to check that out this week. I figured that the Appletalk IW extension was for the IW with the card installed only. Thanks.
  7. I got mine to boot from a System 7.1 floppy with system enabler 131. I can image that floppy for you if it can help.
  8. Ok, now I'm officially stumped. I have a PowerMac 7300 (Mac OS 8.6) networked with a PowerBook 165 (System 7.1) via PhoneNet. The IW II is connected to the PowerBook. I want to print on it from the PowerMac. Should be easy I thought. Well, it's not. File sharing works. LocalTalk using serial ports, IW II hooked to modem port. Everywhere I looked referenced a "Setup" button in the chooser which is just not there, regardless of what version of File sharing or ImageWriter extensions I use. What am I missing here?
  9. Well, it doesn't boot a 165. It does boot a Classic tho, for what it's worth. (proves my floppy is good) Thanks anyway, it's nice from you to share.
  10. I am too. Would like to try it on the 165.
  11. Exactly what I did. I actually cut the head of the rivets at an angle in hope they would snap back on that way. And they did. The membrane had spillage remnants that I cleaned. Reassembled the whole thing and now it woks great. So I'm happy to report that I'm now the owner of a fully functional PowerBook 165.
  12. Hmm, just cleaning the keyboard didn't cut it. I tried to flex it a bit. Go the Option and Enter key to unstick. Flexed it some more... and now some keys are sending two scancodes. (ie: typing "H" gets you ">H"). And Shift is still stuck. Joy. Anyone ever disassembled such keyboard? Had any luck getting it back together? Btw Concorde1993, packaging was ok.
  13. Succes! Upon removal of the daughtercard, I noticed some of what looked like corrosion on the solders joints of the connector and on some close by chips. Cleaned with a toothbrush, re-assembled and woot! It booted. Then I went on to investigate the power button problem. Toying around in the Finder (System 7.1 btw) I noticed that clicking was acting like the shift key was held down. KeyCaps confirmed this, showing that the Shift, Option and Enter keys were always pressed. I removed the keyboard and trackball, plugged in an ADB kb and mouse and voilà, power button and everything else wo
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