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  1. I recall reading a lot of posts here and there about a number of forum members who are very well-seasoned in the use of our old machines for recording, both when they were current and relevant, and now as well. I recently picked up a WGS 9150/80 that was apparently used in a studio, as its hard drive is primarily filled with Digidesign applications, and the only expansion card in the beast is a Digidesign PowerPC ECI. Well, I don't exactly have the NuBus expansion chassis, and I don't anticipate being able to find one for any semblance of a reasonable price - or at all, really. So, my ques
  2. I purchased a pair of iPods from reekdaddy on the forum a while back. The third-generation iPod works great - it dislikes this Windows formatted 30gb disk I have lying around, but the 20gb in it works great. The first-generation iPod, however, is a little more fun. The first thing it did was short the OWC replacememt battery out, causing it to bulge pretty bad. I promptly pulled it out. Now, when I go to start it up, it happily boots to the folder and exclamation mark icon, but if I try to put it into Disk Mode on boot, or even Diagnostic Mode, it freezes at the Apple logo. When plugged in
  3. I have a 400 MHz processor card that you can have for shipping, if you want. It worked just fine right up until I swapped it for a 500 MHz card a month or two ago.
  4. I'd be intrigued to try that Sonnet installer helper on my 5400 with the G3 in it. I doubt it would work, but I'm also not above trying.
  5. I really want a G5 or newer iMac. I might have to throw up a post locally looking for some that don't work. Jerk.
  6. This has actually been sitting in my closet for...sheesh, probably close to a year now. I just this week hauled it out again to tinker, and the results were...quite pleasing, actually. I purchased this machine originally to do an ATX motherboard conversion. It cost me a grand total of $80, because the original owner was told that it needed a new logic board. The very first thing I did was strip the machine down to the case - in retrospect, this was a very poor decision. The PO had told me that he'd removed the RAM and hard drive because he was using them in his new machine. This seemed rea
  7. Pardon? The current generation of MacBooks max out at 8gb. (2x4gb PC3-8500).
  8. I received the correct, 9W Newton AC Adapter today. Hilariously enough, after plugging the CORRECT adapter in, NOW I smell ozone and burning electronics. I think my eMate is toast.
  9. In another random bout of incredible intelligence, I decided to pick up a confirmed working eMate 300 on eBay. It was cheap enough, so hooray! Now, it didn't come with a power adapter. I went out and picked up a 6-12v power adapter @ 2500mAh with the requisite adapter tip, and plugged it in. Hooray! The power light came on! ...and is now blinking rapidly. When I press the power button, nothing happens. When I reset it, nothing happens. This is true whether the battery pack is connected, and whether I use 6v or 7.5v on the adapter. (Some people had reported that 6v worked better on thei
  10. I've got a DL360 G1, G2, and G3. G1 and G2s are both Dual PIII 1.2s, G3 is two 2.8 Xeons. They all sound like death when you start them up. I love 1U fans.
  11. Nice score! If you need to find a home for a Windows 3.1 set, I'm sure someone here would be happy to assist.
  12. I wholeheartedly encourage the black parts on a White discrete MacBook. That would look delightful. Nice score on the iMac - I'd still like a C2D/CD iMac for a desktop machine.
  13. Glad to hear you got the screw out! One thing you might consider if it ever happens again, or if it happens to someone else who's not so lucky to have a screw extractor, is that I've had good luck in the past dropping a blob of solder into the stripped out screw head, heating it and sticking a screwdriver into it, and then letting it cool. Obviously this depends largely on the material the screw is made of, but I've gotten a few tough ones out this way and thought I'd share it.
  14. Oooh, Classic Mac StarCraft with voice chat going on at the same time. That would be fun! I've got a serial webcam here, I'll have to see what fun I can get up to with it on an old machine.
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