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Late Gen Ti - No sound

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I'm working through a bunch of late gen Titanium Powerbooks - 1Ghz and 867s.


Of the 4 or so I've been through, at at least two have no sound though they seem to be OK otherwise. Running OSX 10.2 - 10.4, the sound control panel works, the volume keys work - the on-screen indicators come one as you would expect, but no sound out of the speakers or the headphone jack.


I also tried installing OS 9.2.2, with the same results.


Searching around, most "solutions" for this issue are resetting PRAM, PMU, etc. but these have proved ineffective. I've run headphone jack in/out with contact cleaner on it as well.


Anyone in the collective aware of other solutions? I've not yet pulled a logic board to see if there's anything obvious component/capacitor-wise, but I'm getting close. I think I can get 1-2 decent machines out of this group; I'd like them to be fully functional.


TIA for any advice.

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In the stack of Ti machines there was another 1Ghz that booted and had sound, but was in a really cosmetically bad case. Read up on the R&R, and it didn't look bad, so I swapped the logic board from the machine with sound to the machine with no sound.


Everything works, except the sound! Machine acts like it did before- volume keys show volume up/down, sound control panel works. No sound out of the headphone jack or speakers.


I guess the next step is to put the pulled logic board into the cosmetically bad chassis, and see if it starts to work there. I should also figure out how/where the speakers are connected, I guess, and see if there's some kind of short.


Ideas welcome...

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For the silent few who may care... :-)


Figured out some dumb on my part. When I've been testing with headphones, I've mistakenly been using the "sound in" jack on the back of the machine. Picked it up and saw the jack on the side and went "Doh!" Something I should have known!


Headphones work as expected plugged into the correct jack. So - there's either something wrong with the speakers or the connection(s) to them. Will look at my dismantled shell and see how things work out. Doing some googling it seems possible but somewhat unlikely that both speakers have failed, and it's a full dismantle of the top case to get at them. Not sure If I want to go that far - I can probably live with line out only. I don't want to mess up this machine if I can avoid it.


Lucky I have some more banged up machines to experiment with.



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