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Trying to find a VRAM upgrade for my Performa 575 - suggestions welcome

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Hi guys! 


I'm having a blast getting my 'new' Performa 575 kitted out and running smoothly. I was up late last night getting my new external SCSI2SD configured - took a few tries but I've now got it partitioned with System 7.6 installed from CD, which is great. I've also installed an Ethernet PDS card, though I don't know yet if it's working (the LED is on which is a good sign at least).


I'd like to max out the VRAM on this machine so I can get "thousands" of colors vs. the 256 it can currently do. I swear I saw VRAM sticks for this machine being sold new somewhere recently but for the life of me I can't find them again - can anyone help lead me in the right direction?





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