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PB145B’s finds

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It has arrived!!!!





I can’t believe it. I have wanted one of these for ages.


How could it possibly be any cooler?  

It’s a 128K that’s been upgraded! Presumably by Apple, as the badges have been changed out too, which is not something an individual would have likely went through the trouble to do.




Notice how there’s no “W” at the end of the serial, indicating this was in fact a 128k at some point! It was made in the 41st week of 1984. I could not be happier.


It did power up in the eBay photo, but I’m gonna open it up before I power-test it, in case something came loose in shipping. I have to service the 400k drive anyways. It’s stuck down, like a disk is in it, but there’s no disk in it. 

I will be making a new thread on the restoration of this machine.


Very excited!

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9 hours ago, Crutch said:

Congrats on the Fat Mac. Now you must carefully study @Dog Cow’s excellent blog, as I do each time he updates it :) 

Thank you! I’ll definitely check out DogCow’s blog.


A quick little update on the 512: it works fine, but the internal 400k drive doesn’t, unfortunately. It has the “click of death” and the optical sensor doesn’t appear to be the problem (stepper still turns with it unplugged). 


So I think I’m gonna track down another M0130 external drive and steal the drive mechanism out of it to put in the 512. Thankfully the M0130s aren’t too hard to find and usually not too expensive in untested condition. These are pretty reliable drives, so I feel confident the next one will probably be good.


The 512 does boot from the external drive just fine though!

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Some GREAT news! I sprayed the sensor on the 400K drive with alcohol, scrubbed it with a toothbrush and it works! No more clicking and it boots from the drive now! So now I don’t have to buy another drive. Awesome! 8)

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Which sensor? I have a bad 400k drive despite being lubed and cleaned. I don’t know much about them. 

Edited by Crutch

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